Pet Hate

Yes I do have a “Pet Hate”  I bet most people have this one too, being deliberately misrepresented by people who ought to know better!  OII Australia Limited, ever heard of OII, (Organisation Intersex International Australia)? In 2008 I seriously investigated the possibility that Klinefelter’s syndrome and XXY were intersex, yes I spent a whole year investigating.  I found the medical description, Klinefelter’s syndrome  is listed under the chapter on “Disorders of Sex Differentiation,” all sorts of other conditions OII would refer to as intersex are described there too, oh and Kallmann syndrome isn’t one of them, it’s described in the chapter on “Disorders of Puberty.”   That seems pretty conclusive I thought, yeah if OII describes a condition as intersex and it’s described in medical literature under chapters to do with sex differentiation, then it must be the same thing!  Of course it must be; right? Maybe not!   Then I went to XXYTALK where I found XXY men referring to themselves as “Men with an intersex condition and identifying as male.”   That seemed pretty clever, I could adopt that I thought, I think I even did describe myself like that for a time, but I had this niggling thought, “Where does the word ‘intersex’ come from?”

It turns out intersex as a word in modern usage derives from the birth of children with ambiguous genitalia.  Only a very few conditions described in the chapter on “Disorders of Sex Differentiation” could have ambiguity of genitalia, and Klinefelter’s syndrome and XXY are not two of them.  Ahaaa, a division of conditions exists!  Those with ambiguity, a small subset,  and those without ambiguity, the vast majority.  And the “vast majority” compared to the worlds entire population is not even a drop in the bucket!  So those with ambiguity of genitalia, those I’ll describe as “True Intersex,”  are a very rare breed indeed.  But XXY is a very common sex chromosome aneuploidy, occurring between 1:500 to 1:1000 live male births.  And “aneuploidy,” by the way, means “not the usual number.”  And Klinefelter’s syndrome is the most common collection of symptoms of disease XXY males can get.  From time to time XXY boys can be born with a small penis, or undescended testes (balls), but XY boys can also have the same  at birth.  Such minor malformations of genitalia are not described as ‘intersex conditions’ as there’s nothing  ambiguous about them.

Then in my travels of discovery I found OII Australia, and an XXY guy called Michael Noble.  Michael is a clever chappy, well he thinks he is at least.  He’s an “ACADEMIC” yes he has a degree in Creative Writing and Communications.  He is very creative in his writing that’s for sure!  Of course being an academic and a creative writer is no reason to assume that person has a clue what he’s talking about, when it comes to matters outside his field of interest!   My field of interest is XXY genetics.   Having wondered what Barr Bodies were, and found them to be the “shadow” of the inactivated X in all people with more than 1 X chromosome, it then became obvious to me that XXY males were effectively XY males with a Barr body, an inactivated additional X, as our sex is assigned us at birth based on our genital presentation, just like everybody else.

Michael Noble says that is asserting the additional X in “meaningless.”  Eh what?  Meaningless?  How does he arrive at that notion?  Ahhhh, he arrives there as he claims I say “…..if the physical affects of Klinefelter’s syndrome can be masked, then this renders the additional X chromosome as meaningless.”  Previous to that Michael claims his understanding that there’s a difference between being XXY and having Klinefelter’s syndrome is derived from “the ‘smoke-screen’ tactics of Tucker and such like…”  and I just happen to be the “Tucker” he’s referring to.

You can see just how creative Michael’s writing really is.  How is educating Michael that there really is a difference between being XXY and having Klinefelter’s syndrome a “smoke-screen tactic?”   Is it because he’s Australian, XXY, or just because he’s Michael?  Actually; regardless of the treatment an XXY man has, whether he prefers the disfigurement of  the symptoms of disease Klinefelter’s syndrome is, or not, plays no role in the effect of the additional X, or to be exactly precise, “the additional active genes on the pseudo-autosomal region of the additional X.”   What is “meaningless” is the rest of the additional X that is inactivated, just like it is inactivated in 46,XX females!

So the whole idea that the additional X brings with it some notion of femininity is just plain ludicrous, folk-lore genetics, pseudo-science, nonsense, XXY University rubbish!  The basis of it is high school genetics in the minds of children masquerading as adults! In short, under educated XXY men, who think they’re intersex.