Found Onni Neko on Facebook

Whilst reading messages on Facebook a fellow by the pseudonym of Onni Neko commented where I might comment, and I quoted what he had on his Facebook page here, italicised:

Onni Neko

Oh I thought it was you, let me quote you:

“I was diagnosed at the age of 35 with XXy, commonly called Klinefelter’s Syndrome. I have spent most of my time since then becoming an expert on the topic, because in the end no one cares about my health like I do.”

Do you have any idea about X inactivation? I’ve never seen you write about it so I’ll assume you know nothing. You know what Barr bodies are right? Well X inactivation is associated with Barr bodies, in fact that’s how they come about.

And random versus skewed inactivation, do you know about that? Have you ever wondered why some XXY’s are much more severely affected than other XXY’s? Oh and because of X inactivation you really ought to be typing xXY, to represent the amount of active genetic material on each of the chromosomes.

And PAR, do you know anything about PAR? Since you’re such an expert, I figure you do, so I won’t need to explain it to you, the pseudo-autosomal region, you have excellent information about that too, which reinforces xXY rather than XXy.

“There is a lot of scary mis-information printed about people with Klinefelter’s Syndrome, or 47,XXY, or XXY.”

Is there? Wow never knew that. What I do know is that as time proceeds information becomes more profound and decisive, not that the other information was inaccurate, it just didn’t apply to all XXY’s. But there are mentally retarded XXY’s, and really thick ones too! Some even think if they take testosterone their life will be shortened, they even think there are published reports that say so, but you and I know they’re just deluded, not reading the reports properly.

My excellent education says “There are a great many sex chromosome aneuploidies that can lead to the development of Klinefelter’s syndrome, sometime after the onset of puberty. Not all XXY’s develop Klinefelter’s syndrome, and the syndrome itself is merely the symptoms of the disease seminiferous tubule dysgenesis.”

“Thanks in part to the medical establishment treating each case like a single rare event, something shameful, to be hidden away.”

Since1976 I’ve never noticed that, write to my endocrinologist and ask him how to teach your doctors better skills. My doctors name is John W Delahunt, you’ll find him at Wellington Public Hospital, Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand. I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. When I see him sometime there are Transsexual people waiting too, and women, as he treats everybody who needs his skills, and he’s very good at it.

“I hold no shame for being XXY, yet I use a pseudo-name. Hi, I’m a working professional in the world of information technology. I’m one of those people you call when your international network breaks, the heavens are falling, and it’s the end of the world as your company knows it. I like to be employable, and because of the negativity printed about this syndrome I must exercise caution on the internet.”

Is that right? I have no problems getting employed in my chosen field. I’ve been making myself publicly known since 1994. But don’t you find your attitude contradictory when you say you masquerade as a feminine entity one moment then as a masculine entity the next, as a joke on your work colleagues? Surely that kind of trickery doesn’t go down well for someone in your industry? Or maybe I have you confused with someone else?

“My apologies to those whom are intersex, and a public persona, I choose not to release my privacy at this time.”

Some people are scared gutless wonders and others aren’t, right? And some people bullshit about being experts, when they’re just drips under pressure, you know, EX (s)PERT! 🙂