How I was diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome

So Onni Neko was diagnosed at age 35, I wonder how old he is now? I was 17 when diagnosed, I was at my 2nd job after I left school, and I was at my 1st job for 11 months before I left and went to that interview. That’s a weird interview, I had to take all my clothes off, and stand about naked with my arms stretched out, as if I were imitating a tree!

I had may balls squeezed, god that was uncomfortable. I had to see another doctor that same day, he rang me himself after I dropped a letter off at his surgery, written by the first doctor. He squeezed my balls too. You know, when you have your balls squeezed and you’re not expecting it, you remember it, well I do anyway!

The 2nd doctor said “We think you’ve got an extra chromosome, we think you’ve got Klinefelter’s syndrome.”

I’ve been studying XXY/Klinefelter’s syndrome since 1976 my year of diagnosis. That makes me an expert on my Klinefelter’s syndrome, of yours only you’re the expert!

I remember everything as if it were 37 years ago, which is was, as everything yesterday has not been saved to long term memory, and is not available for instant recall. I’ve been taking testosterone for 36 years.

I have a video about how I was diagnosed, it’s had over 18,000 hits in 2 years, it’s got lots of comments on it too.

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    • No idea who left that comment, the persons seems to want to remain anonymous, the links on the site all seem to go to reputable Klinefelter’s syndrome and XXY information.


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