Michael Noble – Australian Misguided Academic

Michael Noble on OII Australia says:

Even though it’s evident that I possess a blend of male and female chromosomes, the medical and legal professions had proclaimed that it doesn’t matter how many X chromosomes a person may have, if they possess even one Y chromosome, they are legally classified as a male. In recent years, however, this pedantic definition has been challenged, thus enabling XXY to be legitimately recognized, in some sections of the academic world, as an intersex condition.”

Ummm Michael,  Michael Noble, the ‘owner’ of a degree in Communications and Creative Writing, you’re that Michael Noble? Unless you’re completely thick you MUST realise that every XY man on the planet has a “blend of male and female chromosomes” or did sex education pass you by along with puberty?

And of course being that you’re so well educated, (except in sex),  you MUST realise that it was not the Y that gave you your male sex determination, but your physical appearance at birth! Even you admit you were not diagnosed until age 23, therefore for 23 years you were just a run of the mill, ordinary old Australian liar, like plenty of your ignorant countrymen.

We do not put an R in CAN’T we don’t even pronounce an R, you ignorant bastards* just can’t listen!  

Anyway, no matter how many X’s are present only 1 is fully active, and the only parts of the additional X’s that are active are in the PAR, the pseudo-autosomal region of the X.  Oh and every female is the same, they have two X’s and 1 is inactivated, except for the genes in the PAR.  Therefore the more PAR genes  interacting I predict the greater the degree of difficulty experienced by the affected persons.

So the definition of male chromosomally is not “pedantic” but simply “accurate.”  It’s probably your refusal to take the level of hormone associated with your sex, and the hot hot sun you experience in your barren wasteland of a country, that causes you to imagine every X is equally active, even in females!

What is postulated, that may also cause problems for XXY’s is skewed inactivation. It’s just another thing that separates XXY males from our XX female counterparts.  They have random X inactivation, but XXY males such as your totally male self Michael, probably have non random (or skewed) X inactivation.

The more we learn Michael the less impressive your argument becomes, not that it was ever “impressive” I was just being generous!  You’ll get used New Zealanders, we’re like that, generous!

Combined with the PAR genes, and skewed inactivation in XXY males, the reasons for the development of Klinefelter’s syndrome, also known as, “The symptoms of the disease seminiferous tubule dysgenesis”  has probably now been isolated?  It is not that the additional X is female in character Michael, nor that you got yours from your mother – as you claim, (although you’ve never provided evidence of your claim), but rather much more complicated reasons, reasons that are not subject to Folklore genetics!

Michael goes on to say:

“The existence of intersex people has been concealed for many decades, because they threaten the man-made laws of nature, which dictate there are two sexes: male and female. Yet, nature does not manifest in comfortable, finite boxes. Rather it exists as infinite spectra of variation. But to our modern scientific mind this variation threatens to unleash chaos. And what drives science? The desire to control nature.”

Now then Michael, that is complete drivel. The desire of science is not to control nature, but to understand the reasons why things are the way they are, and in the terms of medical science, to alleviate suffering.  If you feel controlled by the medical profession, that may well be your particular psychiatric disease showing through?  Paranoid states & hysterical syndromes are noted features in many men said to have Klinefelter’s syndrome, or as I would say, XXY men.

That pesky little additional X plays a major role in all our lives, and no matter how much you want to pretend I regard it as meaningless, in fact I regard it as the major factor that causes the under educated like yourself, to believe they are mistreated by the medical profession. However Michael, I’m well adjusted, having sought and received proper health care from the very beginning. I took my doctors advice and I do not believe the medical profession has the desires you claim, without any justification.

And again Michael continues with his paranoid ramblings:

“Eventually, the medical profession could no longer pretend that biological sex was confined to the polar binaries of male and female, but rather some infants presented characteristics of both sexes. Yet, instead of simply accepting that anatomical sex could exist as a spectrum of possibilities, the intersex variations were medicalized: thus requiring surgery and/or hormone reassignment therapies in order to ‘cure’ such ‘aberrations’ and ‘disorders’. In other words, the medical profession believed they could play god and determine which sex and gender a child would be reassigned to, and raised as. And they did this, not for the benefit of the ‘afflicted’ individual, but rather to make the medical community, parents, and society in general, feel better.”

I’m certain, completely and totally certain, the medical profession did not set about to make the lives of infants unbearable, nor was there any conspiracy to ruin your life Michael.  Have you actually read this crap you wrote Michael?  Where there are errors in anatomical sex that YOU would see Michael, if you were ever the parent of a child with ambiguity of genitalia, which I expect would be the only way YOU could see, you may well have a different opinion?

You’re not a parent, you’ll never be a parent, you have no concept of parenting and the desire of parents to have their children treated fairly in society.  I can see that some medical procedures as being unnecessary, such as circumcision, but to lump all procedures into that classification by a person such as yourself is somewhat presumptuous.  I believe the medical profession was acting with the best interests of the child in mind,  and for the most part did an excellent job.   Yes they did screw up from time to time, and most of those children had no anatomical differences in sex, until they were butchered, they WERE anatomically NORMAL.

I must remind you that you started your little rampage with the notion that gender plays no role in the determination of one’s supposed intersex status, but here you want to include gender as part of your highly emotively written diatribe.  I wonder how you would feel if you did see the untreated results in an infant that had no interventions, that was born with ambiguity of genitalia?  The indication from opinions delivered by men such as yourself, who were not diagnosed early enough with Klinefelter’s syndrome, suggests the outcomes of no intervention would be disastrous.  It’s a very difficult situation for all involved, and a wee bit of compassion for the parents and individuals concerned would be appreciated.  Blaming and shaming Michael does your argument no good at all.  People are born with disorders Michael,  look around you.


*”Bastards” is a term of endearment in Australian common usage lingo.