My Official Position on XXY/Klinefelter’s syndrome being Intersex

Originally posted to OII’s Facebook page & Curtis E Hinkle:
Hello Curtis, having now educated myself as to what OII is all about, or mostly about, I see no justification for OII to include anymore the symptoms of disease Klinefelter’s syndrome as an Intersex condition.

All arguments that KS could be considered intersex fail. Such as most of the additional X that brings about the symptoms of disease KS represents, is inactivated. It has no impact on an XXY’s life from soon after fertilisation. The only genes that do have an effect, located on the pseudo-autosomal region of the X’s, have been mapped by the Human Genome Project and none have been found to have anything at all to do with sex or gender. Indeed, in all males, the only chromosome that can be said to be a “sex” chromosome is the Y with an active SRY gene that effectively says “make a male.”

The genitalia of XXY males is “unambiguously male” at birth and the symptoms of hypogonadism seen in men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are not unique to them. Any man who has atrophied testes develops the same symptoms as men with classic KS. Therefore the only difference in the terms of the disease seminiferous tubule dysgenesis and XY men with atrophied testes is the age of onset of hypogonadism. There is absolutely nothing intersex about all men with supernumerary X chromosomes, regardless of how many additional X’s there are.

It is “folklore genetics” and psychiatric illness that causes some men with supernumerary X’s to assume they’re intersex.

Also, OII’s stated position in almost all matters to do with health care is “no intervention.” That policy might sound just and reasonable for persons born with “differences in sex” but it is not acceptable for many XXY and variant boys who regularly require educational, psychological, psychiatric, and medical interventions throughout their lives. To propose any other course and actually follow it will be detrimental to good health.

I propose that men with Klinefelter’s syndrome be regarded as any other XY transsexual man, pre-op, when it comes to describing them as “intersex.” And that a statement to that effect ought to be made in your lengthy articles about inclusions and exclusions. The only justification these men have to claim intersex is psychiatric illness.