Kallmann and Klinefelter’s syndromes are not the same Disorders

Author G J Lentz is proposing in his new book “House of Cards” (Amazon) that Kallmann syndrome and Klinefelter’s syndrome are conjoined, as if they can be experienced by one person at the same time, which is impossible, of course and really who would want to?

Great new news, G J Lents is altering his book cover to say Kallmann and Klinefelter’s are 2 separate conditions. He’s still going to say in his book that he was diagnosed with both of them at different times, which is why I pre purchased a copy, I can’t wait to read it, but I guess I’ll have to. And he’s not very appreciative of our protests to 2 Moon Book Publishers, we did him a favour, he’d be made a laughing stock of if he published in the original format! It seems some people just don’t know what side of their bread is buttered.

“The blurb is being changed to read ARE instead of IS and CONDITIONS instead of CONDITION to reverse the inadvertent confusion. Who knew that two little words like: is and condition would cause so much ire. It should be changed, and it will be so, but doesn’t change the fact that after being told that I did not mean to nor intend claims of “having both” you consistently spread this and argue it based on context.
GJLentz 2 days ago on XXYforLIFE’s “Preview of G J Lentz’s book “House of Cards”

Yes I admit I mustered all the support I could find from Klinefelter’s support organisations and Kallmann support organisations to encourage your book’s publisher to alter the grossly misleading description of your book. For some body who wants to be taken seriously, wants I presume, to have their book purchased and read by as many as possible, I would think you’d have made sure no such confusion could exist. It is obvious whatever genetic condition it was that affected your life is a key element of your story. It just seems illogical to me that you’d not want to make sure your information was accurate. If you really do have one (or both) of these conditions, I am surprised you find the insistence for accuracy almost an unwelcome intrusion.

All the people I know with Klinefelter’s syndrome prefer accuracy, and the ‘it’s not important’ attitude that came through from some of the people on the Kallmann syndrome support group on Facebook specifically, suggests to me you never had Klinefelter’s at all. We Klinefelter’s sufferers being much maligned since 1959 with a great need to prevent the next generation from being aborted out of existence is probably the reason we are sticklers for accuracy. Some Kallmann people on the other hand, who have no concerns of abortion before they’ve breathed air, as their genetic condition is undetectable prenatally, I understand?

I hope your new book is a great success, and you go on to more and more success.

Graeme Tucker