Gavan Colemans Honesty Fraud – like he isn’t!

Gavan Coleman claims to be XXY, claims to be treated for Klinefelter’s syndrome, and if it wasn’t for his video “Being an XXY Being” where he interviewed a person admitting to be his mother, I’d never have believed his claim. Coleman is an outright arsehole. Every friend he’s ever had he’s given himself the right to push around, say the meanest of things to, and when they all but 1 complained to him directly he’d just make another hate video excusing his nasty behaviour, blaming everything on his low testosterone level, and trying to make his victims responsible for his very bad behaviour.

Personally I blame his mother, in the video “Being an XXY Being” (no longer on YouTube as it contradicts Gavan Coleman) she alludes to the fact that if anybody says anything Gavan disagrees with, he’ll fly into a rage. But she never actually taught him that is not acceptable behaviour. She just sent him off to Kings Hospital School, Dublin, for them to try to teach him proper behaviour, and they failed too.

As a human being Gavan fails, he makes a much better animal.