Get your story right Nicky

Posted on Nicky’s drivel as a reply, but I don’t think he’ll accept it.

3. Sabotage

A tactic that I have seen within the trans community. I have seen trans bullies and their trans supporters who will try and sabotage anyone that is critical of trans by going to their place of education, employment and even where they live. A clear example of a trans supporter who is trying to sabotage an Intersex/DSD person is here.

Get your story right, I’m either anti Trans or pro Trans, unlike you I can’t sit on both sides of any fence. I noticed you were linking to some story about Chloe Prince, the person who does not have an intersex condition even if she does have Klinefelter’s syndrome, as Klinefelter’s syndrome is not an intersex condition, it’s the symptoms of disease! But I do recall you grizzling on Mish Matters Blog about me pointing out all the flaws of her claims, as if I were attacking her, asserting I’m a Trans hater! How can I be a Trans hater and a Trans supporter in the same breath?

Actually I’m pro truth, something you’re incapable of. Such as you’re always on the internet, when do you get the opportunity to fight fires, save distressed boaties, or administer first aid?

When I tried to complain about you to the Coast Guard Service, as you don’t meet their standard for behaviour, I couldn’t, as you were not a member of the US Coast Guard Service. So you’re claiming membership of an elite group when you’re not, that’s fraudulent isn’t it?  

And anybody else who you’re currently attacking will discover the same if they try to complain about you. You never actually thought of that did you Nicky, that people would check your outrageous claims.

You MAY have been a helper for a  flotilla once, and then they got tired of your incessant ramblings and pushed you out. Maybe you can’t remember getting your marching orders, maybe you can ask your mommy to check the mail?