Guess who Gavan Coleman’s jealous of?

My video reply to the nasty video about me made by Gavan Coleman has been removed by Vimeo, which I find offensive in itself. However I require a video for my blog asking the question “Guess who Gavan Coleman is jealous of?” and this is it.

Obviously my opinion of my body is the only opinion that matters, and should Gavan Coleman wish to make a video about himself and how much he hates his own body he can, there is nothing but his will stopping him.

Gavan maintains he and people like him are afraid of forming relationships because of their different looking bodies. I maintain that just because we share the same karyotype does not mean we share the same views on anything.

If you’re dissatisfied with your body change it. If changing it isn’t what you want, stop grizzling.

Gavan, were you born an ARSEHOLE?

It seems that Gavan has real issues with other people thinking highly of themselves, one must ask why since he’s so narcissistic himself, combined with pretentiousness, a sense of self importance, a belief only he can think straight, or at all.

This video is not YouTube, as his original is, as alas he and his sick little friends have taken to red flagging all sensible replies to his nonsense videos.

Making a Mockery out of a CUNT!