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I had to go to Wikipedia about the meaning of “Thesis” after reading some of Chris’s ‘thesis’ wondering if a fantasy essay could be described as a “thesis” and it can be! I wrote to Chris on Facebook and asked if he has medical proof of his ovaries, he claims in his “thesis” that he has, so far he’s not replied. It appears his “thesis” is an autobiography, I didn’t know one could get a degree by writing an autobiography, but for a Western Australian university it appears one can do just that.

I haven’t got very far through it, I was just stunned to read of his ovaries, that he could hear! Is that “poetic license” or “magical thinking?” I have never read anywhere of an XXY man having ovaries, so his confirmation of having actual ovaries will be a first, if he does actually have medical evidence of these ovaries? I’m not sure if those reading his “thesis” bothered to check the finer details, but it’s supposed to be part of a research document, to satisfy the requirements I understand to be the point of a ‘thesis’ in order to gain a degree.

According to standard medical literature a True Hermaphrodite has “ovarian and testicular tissue in the same or opposite gonads.” That definition would then make Chris a True Hermaphrodite, and I have never read or heard of an XXY man being a True Hermaphrodite. So getting confirmation of his claims would be a medical first, so far as I know. And when I’m dealing with an XXY guy especially I do not just accept his word, for anything. I always check things out.

Such as recently I was approached by a New Zealand XXY guy who claimed to be taking 120mgs testosterone by capsule twice per day, making a total of 180mgs testosterone per day. As soon as I saw the amounts I knew he was mistaken, the product he takes is in 40mgs capsules, and 40 does not divide evenly into 180. Someone had made a mistake. What he was actually taking was 120mgs (3 capsules) twice per day, making a total of 240mgs per day. That is a very high dose. But still he insisted he was told he was taking 180mgs per day. Since it is impossible to cut one of the capsules in half, and even if he did the taste would definitely put him off ever doing it again, it was obvious he was not taking the 180mgs dose he claimed. He was taking much more. But because he thinks he was told something, he believed that’s what he was taking.

In the literature XXY males frequently suffer from auditory processing problems. For some reason some XXY men, if not all XXY men, think that testosterone is a cure-all for all their maladies, when it is not. Testosterone only treats hypogonadism. Auditory processing problems will need to go to a language specialist of some kind, or not be treated at all I expect. I attempted to explain to the fellow this feature of being XXY, as it clearly has nothing to do with Klinefelter’s syndrome as it doesn’t respond to the standard treatment for male hypogonadism, testosterone. I think he now understands what he thought the doctor said, wasn’t what the doctor meant, even if the doctor did actually say it?

I wonder if Chris’s ovaries are of the same origin? That is what he thought he heard, therefore that is what he did hear? That is what he tells people but can he back it up?

To be continued……

2 thoughts on “Chris Somers’ Thesis

  1. I suppose if he feels like some special status in conferred by being intersexed, then why not be as intersexed as possible? So of COURSE he has ovaries, I mean, do not women have ovaries? LOL! If having female attributes and body parts is the goal, why does he not simply take estradiol? I have to wonderl at the sexual fantasy that drives a lot of these strange claims, and why such specialsnowflake status beyond the pale of possibility is a striven-for “norm”? Any thoughts?


    • My thoughts are that every time a person of any sex claims to have reproductive organs of the opposite sex they were born, it’s always a big dramatic thing, like an epic movie in explanation.

      Even Mani Bruce Mitchell’s account has emotive music and special effects attached to it, but she was a baby at the time and everything she relates is hear say.

      Exploratory surgery isn’t anything like exploring undersea or mystical mountains, generally speaking the surgeon knows exactly what he (or she) is looking for, and are surprised if they don’t find it.

      The absolute best account has to be Mishakailana’s on YouTube, (National Geographic) where from memory it’s “I’m not a boy, I’m not a girl, I felt dead inside” which is really odd since later accounts says she’s known of these internal female reproductive organs her entire life! LOL

      Since coming back to the internet 4 years ago, after a 5 year absence, I need proof for everything. Just saying it isn’t good enough anymore.


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