Just having a rant about O.I.I. Australia’s Board Members

Well I think they’re all Board Members anyway.

Just another 10% of a new video upload to go.

Such a struggle to type. It took me a little over 4 hours to make a 15 minute video. If I tried to type it all I’d be at it for several days.

9% to go.

It’s really taking its time, good old Vimeo.

I was told these blogs inserted their own links automatically, but they don’t do they, no the writer has to paste them in…… I’m just so tired, it’s only 2:11 AM, Saturday though, that’s handy!

7% to go.

The way OII presents us we’re all the same. Chris moans about how we’re supposedly not mentally or educationally different, Michael writes as if everybody has big issues with their medical professionals, Gina seems to think her medical condition is not related at all to her physical appearance. And me I’m just an ordinary guy with an additional X, health issues, educational issues, all the regular sorts of things associated with my state of being. How come OII doesn’t mention how we’re all so different, the XXY’s that is?