Embedded Music I Like

I like AC/DC if you don’t, I don’t care:

Does anybody remember Nicky Chaleunphone? Well Nicky USED to wander about YouTube demanding EVERYBODY who claimed to be ‘intersex’ proved it to him. So one day about 2 years ago I made this video,
but I made it to the music Colonel Bogey…., only really it better suits

“Money Talks” (bullshit walks) by AC/DC

as the miserable little bigot point blank refuses to do the same himself, make a video proving his diagnosis, his claim to being ‘intersex.’ And now we all know why, it turns out Kallmann syndrome is NOT a DSD, he is NOT intersex himself. He has no right to claim ‘intersex’ as he can’t meet his own criteria!

And it just so happens I uploaded this video, which I copied from a DVD, and AC/DC said “Yeah you can have it, feel free” so I do, and I did, and I will, feel free!

I like The Rolling Stones too, when they perform with AC/DC!

The Rolling Stones ‘Licks Tour’, Leipzig, Germany, 20 June 2003, – Rock Me Baby – Featuring Angus & Malcolm Young of AC/DC

Written by:
B.B. King & Joe Bihari

And I suppose this is what I want for Nicky the Bigot and Gavan Coleman and Patrick Doran and Simon Green…..

And dreams are free!

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