War of the XXY’s Worlds

War of the XXY’s Worlds

I’ve just been reading Onnineko the self proclaimed “expert” on Klinefelter’s syndrome. Of course I am more than a little bit wary of self proclaimed experts, especially when they want to tell me anything about the disease I’m treated for. I like my experts to be accessible, by phone or e-mail, or both, and I like to be able to visit that expert from time to time. Self proclaimed experts who hide behind a pseudonym, post publicly, but do all their ‘research’ in some far off secret place, do not impress me. With that suspicion in mind I’ll attempt to delve into the latest offering of pseudo-science by this self proclaimed “expert.”

I know Onnineko posts on XXYTALK, which strangely has a subtitle name of “XXY University.” This is an “open” University, no qualifications or money required to attend, and a “closed” University, none of the posts are public, oh except from time to time the owners let a comment they believe worthy of public viewing is allowed to be released. And it must be stated, even though I walked out on XXYTALK years ago they did have to sneakily trick me into going back to get my “marching orders” by sending me a “private message” that I have never actually read! I think I’m banned for something like 100 years for daring to criticise the owners?

Everybody ought to know XXY guys have tiny testicles, (unless they’ve been surgically altered), and living up to their physical state, they literally do not have the balls to confront me directly and say “We banned you for………” It may well be that they banned me for signing on under a pseudonym? I forgot my original username, and was told of a conversation they were having that included me, I am often a topic of conversation, it’s just a burden when you’re really famous. Anyway, I signed on under a pseudonym to be able to read this conversation I was a party to, not by choice. And true to type, I just can’t read and not comment, I had to say “thank you” who wouldn’t? Someone was actually praising me, I provide information, that’s what I do, and I really don’t give a fuck what they do with it, so long as I’m not hindered in delivering it!

Being that I am pretty open about everything, pointing out all the bad things, (as there are no good things), on having Klinefelter’s syndrome, I settled down to promoting my state of being as paramount see for comparison, not the bloody symptoms of disease that fucked up our lives! I’m not a K’ser for instance, I’m an XXY!

So even though Onnineko is allowed to post under a pseudonym, I am not. I understand Gavan Coleman is not allowed to post under a pseudonym either? Well that then doesn’t make much sense, why have a double standard? No, I think the true reason for banning me was a comment I made in text on YouTube that the owners behaved like children, and to prove how right I am, they banned me because of that comment. Or it might have been because one of the “Moderators” or “Admins” got his gynaecomastia in a tangle (titties in a tangle) over some private matter? Who really knows, when men with socialising problems get all bitter an twisted (link to come), can they really be impartial or make sound choices when they’re in a position of authority?

By being open and forthright I am not endearing myself to the current batch of ‘owners’ of XXYTALK. But then why should I care, do they really think they’re that important to me? It will always be the next generation that will be more important than the current. That’s getting a wee bit off topic…..oh hang on it’s MY blog, I’m allowed to be OFF TOPIC! There’s not going to be some ‘Little Hitler’ come along and move my comment to some far away place where nobody will see it. I have to free myself from the bindings of XXY oppression, oh well that won’t be hard, just walk away. It’s not like they have the level of testosterone required to put up much of a fight.

So there’s the background, close enough anyway. The current issue for Onnineko is his assertion that “Testosterone Causes Permanent Damage vs Estradiol.” Does it, really, wow! I’m just so blown away, so where’s the science as NtB would say? Let’s have a good read,

“Testosterone causes irreversible changes in human physiology regardless of the age of the person it is administered to.”

For a self proclaimed expert this is really quite strange when we look at his justification:

“One only need look at the results of a female to male transsexual transition to see the clear changes caused by Testosterone.”

And here was me thinking I was going to read some new research that I’d missed, how boring, it’s the self proclaimed experts’ opinion on 46XX people who transitioned to male. Not even a logical argument, it might not even qualify as ‘pseudo science!’ How about ‘drivel’ as a more appropriate descriptive? Not even the slightest mention that many XXY guys are resistant to testosterone and that they do not respond as XY men do. Cut off the testosterone supply for an XXY man and his finger nails stop growing so fast, as does his hair pubic and body, and his beard slows to a snails pace of growth until it stops all together. Transsexual people on the other hand have to endure expensive, lengthy, and at times painful procedures to achieve what we can achieve for nothing!

And I was looking for Chloe Prince’s video about her hair removal problems. If you’re not aware Chloe Prince claims to have been diagnosed in his 30’s with ‘late onset Klinefelter’s syndrome’
giving him the vehicle to transition. In Chloe’s video she complains about the continuation of facial hair growth after castration. This argument might seem to back up Onnineko’s argument, but XY males as I believe Chloe is, have years of more facial hair growth than XXY men, and still produce androgen from their adrenal glands after castration. Genetic women who transition to male never had any exposure to the level of an XY man before and the cells of their body will respond more quickly, and much more quickly than in XXY males. If testosterone caused permanent changes in all who take it, how come it doesn’t have permanent effects in us?

The example fails Onnineko, try again!

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