The Blind Leading the Blind

Onnineko the anonymous self proclaimed “expert” on “the topic” reads:

I read that article and said, “Yep that about sums it up.” You can find the article on Amazing that they have finally published what we have known for years, well those of us willing to recognize the problems caused by Testosterone. Its not a panacea, no, Testosterone for people with Klinefelter’s Syndrome is one foot in the grave, with the rest of you following in about 10-15 years (or less if you take alot of it).”


Quality of life is reduced in patients with Klinefelter syndrome on androgen replacement therapy.
by: de Ronde W, de Haan A, Drent ML.
Department of Endocrinology, Vrije Universiteit Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

But in fact he is 100% wrong. The title is grossly misleading, that’s what I say, others would say “the title is misleading.” In reality the report shows that men treated for Klinefelter’s syndrome with androgen by intramuscular injection, who have a higher level of education, have the highest Quality of Life scores of the men with Klinefelter’s syndrome in the study.

    There is no mention at all of longevity of life.

Onnineko didn’t read the full report, even though he implies he did. This very same report was used by OII Australia in it’s submission to the American Psychiatric Association DSM 5 and obviously OII Australia didn’t read it either, as one ‘insider’ says “they took it at face value.”

I am pro male, pro testosterone, pro proper medical care for XXY men and boys, I make no secret of the fact. I am happy to engage anybody in sensible debate over any issue to do with XXY/Klinefelter’s syndrome, but what debate can be entered into when opponents grossly misrepresent, either by design or by accident, anything that might affect that care?

The biggest problem I see with this report is the means by which it was done, by self reporting questionnaire. The report freely acknowledges men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are likely to have, regardless of androgen therapy:

    “….it has been shown in previous studies that KS is associated with more difficulties in identifying and verbalizing emotions…”

    “Moreover, patients with KS appeared to be more easily emotionally aroused.”

    “The same investigators reported a higher prevalence of psychiatric disorders in KS patients compared with the general population”

Self reporting questionnaire is the wrong way to go about soliciting responses from XXY and variant men, they are very likely to skew any results of a self reporting questionnaire by their own limited understanding. Imagine if Onnineko were a participant, since he displays a willingness to accept non existent information as fact, and report a misleading account to who knows how many blind followers?

And of course I don’t leave it up to the reader to go and discover the report, I link directly to it, that you the reader can examine it for yourselves.

In my opinion, the study should include only hypogonadal men treated and not treated with androgen for a more balanced result.

Always, before you make any decisions regarding your health care, seek PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE.