Why we XXY’s with/without Klinefelter’s syndrome aren’t Intersex

  • Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of disease and according to Organisation Intersex International ‘Intersex is not about pathology or disease’ therefore Klinefelter’s syndrome can’t possibly be ‘intersex.’

    “INTERSEX is not a medical condition or a disorder or a disability or a pathology or a condition of any sort.”

  • We all start puberty and when we do our testosterone level rises, then the disease we’re more often treated for, Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis sets in, and our testes atrophy (another symptom of disease) causing that increasing level of testosterone to reduce markedly. It is the unnaturally low testosterone level that causes the symptoms of disease we call Klinefelter’s syndrome.
  • It is proposed we do not have the same number of genes active in our additional X as females do in their 2nd X. We’re not more like females, we’re more like males with a Barr Body. Our Barr Body has more genes active than the Barr Body of females, we’re superior in number.
  • Females have their X’s randomly inactivated. XXY males may experience skewed inactivation and may have more cells with an X from one parent expressing their genes than females do. Female X inactivation is closer to 50/50, since there are only 2 choices a random expression must be roughly 50/50.
  • We have a Y chromosome with exactly the same number of genes active as any other normal biological male. Our Y chromosome is perfect. We, like all other biological males have a gene called SRY on our Y usually (XX males can have it on one of their X’s) that is turned on, or said to be positive. Some men who are 46XY sex chromosomes have a deletion on their Y chromosome causing infertility, these men are not referred to as being intersex. Infertility is not intersex.
  • In utero our embryonic testes produced Mullerian Inhibiting Substance and Testosterone that caused the Mullerian system to be suppressed, (female reproductive organs) and promoted the Wollfian system, (male reproductive organs).
  • We have unambiguously male genitalia.
  • Conclusion, to be more like females we’d need exactly the same number of gene expression on the inactivated X as females do on their inactivated X and we’d need Random Inactivation.

    SRY + (positive) XXY’s are male.

    Video of the above, with more information, that might explain us better?

    Question: “Why aren’t men and women with Kallmann syndrome intersex?”

    Answer: “Because there are men and women who have Kallmann syndrome.”