Back to something more Intersting

Klinefelter’s syndrome, those symptoms of disease I’m treated for, and have been OFFICIALLY since 1977.

I say OFFICIALLY as really I’ve only had effective treatment since 1993 ish? I can’t quite remember, I’ll have to check my website. It’s so good to have everything typed or written down, so much easier to not make mistakes.

Nah it was late 1993, what a long term memory, it actually works! The link goes to my page about testosterone therapy, and a letter by my Endocrinologist to my then G.P. discussing any problems I might have as a result of effective hormone therapy. Like many my then G.P. was concerned, without cause, about the side effects of testosterone. However it’s really hard to find a groundswell of public opinion, or dedicated followers of the idea to castrate all males, say after they’ve had a family, to counter this supposed negative effect of testosterone on the male body, or society!

The only people I know who are XXY who are really obnoxious are those who claim they don’t take testosterone therapy, or take a very low dose of testosterone. As the reports all indicate, XXY males who don’t have sufficient testosterone are really nasty people, until they do get proper help, that includes hormone therapy. In fact the reports I have all indicate no single therapy was said to be the ‘clincher’ but that they are all required for the holistic treatment of the individual concerned, you can read one report here that gives that distinct impression, if it doesn’t say it outright?

And of course I do know that to make my life public knowledge will cause some to the more emotionally challenged XXY’s to think they have something over me, but all they have is the truth, this is what happened, this is history, like it or lump it, I really don’t care.

So I finally got on to a therapy regime that matured me, something I recommend everybody who takes testosterone therapy. I see so many men who never shave over their entire face, develop no musculature, have no energy, don’t even have a job requiring physical activity. I however have worked in the Horticulture & Agriculture industries in New Zealand for much of my working life. I need to be able to work for at least as many hours per week as my counterparts. Having a sleep in the afternoon is not agreeable to making a profit.

And then going back to other XXY treated with testosterone who say they only have a minimal level, well it can’t be good for them. They’re certainly not involved in my kind of working activity. If a low level is good enough for them, that’s fine, the medical profession clearly had them in mind when deciding who got what as a ‘standard treatment.’ But of course no two men who have a natural level of testosterone have the same level, if every XY is different, why are all XXY’s the same! Well of course they’re not, no two people with the same karyotype are the same, not even identical twins!

Klinefelter’s syndrome is a dead easy to fix, all those other associated disorders to the additional X not nearly so easy.

I’ll write about that some other time.