Klinefelter’s Syndrome is a Chronic Disease

My latest testosterone injection, that, if you’re treated for Klinefelter’s syndrome you REALLY NEED to watch. And if you’re not treated for Klinefelter’s syndrome watch it anyway, you might learn something! Or if you do have Klinefelter’s syndrome and refuse testosterone therapy, watch it and get and indication of what diseases you’re likely to develop.

Klinefelter’s syndrome is a chronic disease, as with other chronic diseases it requires life long medical care.

I take Depot-Testosterone 100mgs/mL @ 125mgs per injection, supposedly once weekly, but in colder weather I might only have an injection every 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how I feel.

If an man with Klinefelter’s syndrome does not have testosterone therapy he has an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, auto immune diseases, and fatal fractures. By taking testosterone therapy he increases his risk of cardiovascular disease, and prostate cancer, but eliminates all risk of fatal fractures and developing auto immune diseases, although non Huntington’s lymphoma is not changed if he has hormone therapy or not.

Overall a man who develops Klinefelter’s syndrome is better off taking testosterone therapy.

Of the people who appear sane, who are XXY and claim to have Klinefelter’s syndrome, they ALWAYS make their claims from a position of anonymity, claiming negative writings about the disorder as reason for their shyness. However, I say

“If you’re going to advise people to not have hormone therapy, put your real name on your posts and make yourself publicly known.”