I thought ‘FUCK what’s the point?’

It’s not like you have any idea what you’re talking about, or that you use what little grey matter you have between your ears for anything useful.

It’s not like I can gain anything by trying to teach you, and it’s not like you have the intelligence to understand a logical argument. Your entire existence is based on your refusal to learn, combined with a hatred of science.

You pride yourself in your ability to shut people up, and openly state you’ll do everything you can to remove people from places where you are, for them having the audacity to disagree with you.

You claim you want a free-flow of information and claim you want people to talk to you, but in reality you want neither, all you really want is to lord yourself over people and bully them into the submission of your depraved mind.

You’re an outright fucking arsehole!

You want to tell everybody that you’re a lesbian, then get upset when people point out that’s homosexuality, you’re admitting to be a homosexual. So long as you’re not sexually attracted to me I don’t care who you’re sexually attracted to. I care so little about thugs like you, but your narcissism won’t allow you to acknowledge you are truly hated! Not because of your sex of course, but because of who you really are, a bastard!

You’re the type of shit that give feces a bad name!

You, in your fucked up little mind, think you can abuse others, then grease up their arses as if you never did a thing to upset them. You’re so fucked in the head you can’t even allow yourself the knowledge that you’re a mean nasty heap of putrid fucking shit, you always were and you always will be!

So take your mindless, stupid, worthless self, and equally mindless, stupid, worthless ideas and ram them up your own arse, I’m sure they’ll all find a welcoming home.

You appear to be in a hospital bed. Have the authorities where you exist finally had you committed for the good of society?