Let’s talk about Abortion

Actually ‘let’s talk about sex’ sounds much more exciting, and of course in order to get to the stage of abortion first sex needs to take place. That’s sex between two consenting, opposite sex, fertile couples. Although I wonder how may infertile couples who’ve used HART (Human Assisted reproductive Technologies) who discover they have a genetically defective, (or different) if your sensitivities are offended, go on to choose abortion to remedy the situation? I’m not sure, are statistics kept on that subject?

In the XXY world, which I am a leading thinker, some would say Antagonist and others would say Protagonist – and for those who can’t be bothered looking up the difference, they would say I’m ‘argumentative.’ For all those reasons I am known world wide. I am proud of it too. Being XXY is no choice, my opinions are my choice. Does being XXY influence my choices, I don’t really expect any more than any other set of autosomes I have, my carriers of genetic material make me infertile, they do not automatically infer sound choice making, any more than your chromosomes and autosomes do, if you think about it?

Of course being XXY gives me an excellent launch pad for mental retardation, if I were I could blame being XXY, if I were still born I could blame being XXY too. Now that’s getting a bit complicated, if I were still born I’d not be typing this….. oh well never mind, you get the gist. Being XXY let’s me blame anything associated with XXY as the cause of that trait, even if being XXY has nothing to do with that trait existing in me. Such as my Simian Crease for instance, both my current partner and her son have a Simian Crease, yet neither of them are XXY, but MY Simian Crease is definitely caused by me being XXY. Why? I have no idea! It just is that way, when you have a genetic disorder, difference, abnormality, aneuploidy, anomaly – whatever YOU want to call it, EVERYTHING that’s different about you is blamed on that genetic reality. All you have to do is chat to those XXY men who claim they’re intersex because they’re XXY to realise the futility of their argument – they cannot fathom that they feel intersex because of factors not associated with being XXY, in fact they insist they can’t. They also insist that as they can’t fathom it, then neither can you or I! Oh damn, shit, I can!!!

So when a woman…. oh to clarify, in New Zealand where I live, the qualification for abortion is To Be Pregnant! If you’re not pregnant you cannot have an abortion. And there is a cut off point where you can be too pregnant to qualify for an abortion. I have no idea what that point is, but there is one. So a woman chooses to have an abortion, she doesn’t get a genetic test done to see if the foetus is perfect or not. The fact that she doesn’t want the pregnancy is all that matters. So we don’t know how many women abort XXY foetusses unless there’s a history of genetic abnormality in the family, or the woman is 35 years of age or older, and she agrees to genetic testing.

Therefore the only statistics that can be reliably measured in New Zealand are of the women who choose abortion, who agree to genetic testing. That is buggerall women!

In America things are different. The Americans are very finicky about abortion. The KS&A (Klinefelter Syndrome and Associates) have separated the XXY mens discussion groups from the Parent discussion groups. Apparently some new parents of XXY foetusses, they would be mothers, are so distraught with the idea they have a defective foetus, that they can’t discuss being XXY with those who are XXY, they can only discuss it/us with non sufferers. Any of the affected individuals who want to discuss their options, including abortion, are prevented from doing do. Apparently when a woman gets pregnant in America that pregnancy causes her to lose all perspective. She becomes an emotional wreck. Cannot think straight. Pregnancy becomes a disability. Only well trained parents of existing XXY boys can possibly deal with their very sensitive fact of life, when imparting information to these newly diagnosed, and automatically disabled women.

I suppose because of sensitivities, I find it very difficult here to get Geneticists to talk about what options are offered pregnant women carrying an XXY foetus. I’m a big boy now I can hear the word Abortion and not get all judgmental about the womans choice. I can point out plenty of XXY freaks to these women and say “do you really want to risk another one of him?” And I can point out the clearly obviously intelligent among us XXY’s, myself included, who are nothing like those XXY nutters at all. Then I can leave it up to the woman to make up her own mind. But I do consider that the only reason pregnant women carrying an XXY foetus do arrive at support orgs for the XXY’s primarily, is to seek sympathy. What use is a parent of an XXY boy who’s constantly thinking of her own situation? Such a woman ought to abort if her brand of parenting is all she has to offer. Women who seek genetic counseling from trained professionals, who want to properly weigh the measures, and make a sound choice based on facts, they will make great parents, if they choose not to abort.

So am I pro abortion? Who cares, I’m never going to get pregnant!