Replying to Galens47

Addendum, I was just thinking, where I am and have been mostly since I was diagnosed, apart from a few excursions round the planet, life just isn’t the way these others describe. I don’t know why their doctors are so unprofessional, or why they don’t report similar things to me. It just doesn’t make any sense, when all the same treatments are here in the real down-under. I don’t know why it is that anybody would waste their time seeing doctors for years and all the time rejecting their advice. I know I didn’t maintain regular contact with my Endocrinologist, that was my fault. I didn’t need to, my script never changed nor my needs. I had major problems with ‘primary physicians’ from time to time, and left them to see another. If they cause me problems I feel no obligation to carry on seeing them. But some of these weird XXY people I write of in my blog don’t do that. They force themselves to see the same old doctor year after year and make no changes at all. Ask yourselves, are they really telling the truth?

Copied from Bodies Like Ours – a publicly accessible discussion group for men & women who can’t understand why they’re men and women.

“Another problem with most of the available studies is that the control groups are XY (males), XXY is a different creature and needs to be understood by itself. If a study wants to accurately describe XXY it has to use XXYs as the control. Many of us have “low” levels of T. Low compared to what? Normal for us?”

Presumably somebody will share this with Galens47, and if not, it’ll make an interesting study for those interested in why some XXY males don’t see themselves as male, nor any other XXY male as male either.

So what did & do you do Galens47 when you want to see a doctor? Did you telepathically communicate with your doctor, who then sent a goon squad to drag you out of bed, force you to attend a clinic/surgery, physically hold you down whilst blood was drawn, and immobilise you completely so that the doctor could examine you? Or did you just feel sick one a day and ring for an appointment like normal males do? There has to be some reason why you were diagnosed to begin with, and you must have thought you were not really male before then, after all chromosomes don’t maketh the man, conception, birth, life, and environment do. So if you’re not a real man now, you can’t ever have been a real man. Therefore why did you seek medical care, even real men hardly ever do that!

Have you ever heard of Kallmann syndrome men? They fail to enter puberty, as the part of the brain that makes gonadtropins doesn’t work properly, but you did start puberty, because your hypothalamus works just fine. You produce LH and FSH which causes your testes to produce testosterone, some of which is used by the enzyme Aromatase to synthesise into oestrogen. Exactly the same thing happens in XY males. I know you do have testes, you grizzle and moan about how you’re allergic to testosterone, yet do nothing to get rid of your number 1 supply of that darstedly evil hormone, that ruined your life! Oh why not, only real men have testes right? And you’re not a real man, so you don’t need testes right? So how do your testes function as opposed to XY men’s testes? Are they any different? I don’t believe they are, I believe they function in exactly the same way, just not at all efficiently in XXY males. Even spermatogenesis occurs to some degree in XXY men’s testes.

So who should we compare XXY men to in order to determine if they have sufficient testosterone? Well I’ve given you the answer here, it’s as obvious as dogs balls! This obviously didn’t happen with you, you can’t even remember, you really think you’re being compared to other men, with normally functioning testes! All I have to do to find out who I was compared to was to check my own medical record, and the answer is I was compared to myself!

I had 12 months of testing before testosterone therapy was indicated in me. I had x rays, blood tests galore, regularly. Hormone essays were done all comparing my results to my results, and my responses. Oh yes in New Zealand where I am, my opinion was sought BEFORE hormone therapy began. We obviously have well trained and competent doctors, who couldn’t give a fucking toss what some bloke down the road measured at, nor XY average. Such imaginations are the prime concern of ignorant XXY men, just like you Galens47, who have never asked their own doctor a single relevant question. That fact is what makes you a real male Galens47!

My FSH was not elevated, but my LH was, but not terribly much compared to other XXY men, but I wasn’t being compared to other XXY men. I was being compared to me. So by the time I was showing need for hormone therapy I was testosterone deficient. I was suffering from testicular failure, compared to me.

That is when the supposed XY average comes into to play. How does a doctor work out what level to prescribe for therapy, once testicular failure has been determined? And all the XXY guys who claim they just went to an Endocrinologist and were immediately prescribed whatever rate, without any studies, I don’t believe a word of it. No doctor would be so bloody stupid. In American the litigation centre of the world, a doctor prescribing Testosterone without doing studies, won’t be in business for very long. He’ll be paying compensation for centuries! Testosterone is a powerful hormone that has to be administered carefully.

The medical profession always err on the conservative. Unless the patient complains of ineffectiveness the rate is maintained until the doctor deems it necessary to alter the prescription. I didn’t complain for 24 years or so, even though I was dissatisfied, I wasn’t aware I could have my prescription altered.

Nothing Sophisticated

I’m sure I make better videos than text messages. There’s nothing sophisticated about either of them, I write/speak them all myself, quoting occasionally from an outside source, well maybe more than occasionally?

Who the hell is Michael Noble?

Can you understand that brief sentence, it says I haven’t a clue who Michael Noble is, so if I knew of him from years gone by, I have no recollection of him now. This isn’t very sophisticated, is it! Michael Noble took it upon himself to write a argument against the idea that XXY’s are male, and only male. Of course we both mean XXY boys born with unambiguously male genitalia. Michael wants to assert that he is somehow not really male and cites experiences of his youth as justification for his argument. He quotes extensively from the former NZKA/NZSCS, myself, and Mark Hope. Sexuality, by the way, is not a feature of XXY any more than it is a feature of XY or XX. All people whatever their sex chromosomes can have all manner of expression of sexuality.

Michael Nobles says, only he knows truly for what reason:

“………When writing the paper, I had defended the claim that they (Klinefelter’s syndrome and XXY) were one in the same thing, because of the ‘smoke-screen’ tactics of some online commentators who were exploiting the difference to support their claim that if the physical affects of KS can be masked, then this renders the additional X chromosome as meaningless.”

In Australia (OII Australia)


“…………When writing the paper, I had defended the claim that they (Klinefelter’s syndrome and XXY) were one in the same thing, because of the ‘smoke-screen’ tactics of Tucker and such like who were exploiting the difference to support their claim that if the physical affects of KS can be masked, then this renders the additional X chromosome as meaningless.”

Internationally (OII International)

Apparently I have claimed that “if the physical affects of KS can be masked, then this renders the additional X chromosome as meaningless.” and I can tell you I never have made any such a claim. This is pure fantasy. Michael Noble does have a degree in Creative Writing, I wonder if he can discover through his academic contacts, if that can equate to Creative Libel?

This isn’t very sophisticated, or complicated. If I have ever said such a thing, or anybody else for that matter, let him bring his quote forward. Remember to and go and see for yourselves all that he has said, and all that he has quoted, and see from where he got his understanding. I can tell you he invented this information. Michael Noble is a liar.

It is my earnest endeavor to take with me everywhere I go descriptions of the difficulties XXY boys can experience in their lives, and try to get them diagnosed before the onset of puberty, before Klinefelter’s syndrome can develop. That must mean I place great emphasis on the additional X and it is not ‘meaningless’ at all.

I wonder if it is Michael Noble’s position that he does indeed wish to force XXY boys to not be treated, to guarantee Klinefelter’s syndrome does develop? It certainly doesn’t change our sex, that which is determined at birth by way of our physical anatomy. I see the equally ignorant as Michael, Gina Wilson, has written a paper from her unique ilinformed position on XXY too. Is this a case of the willfully blind leading the deliberately ignorant?

Is it Opinion or Official Position OII? from Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

I think people who are XXY are better suited to answer the question as to what sex they are than Gina Wilson is. We can find plenty of XY males who see themselves as females, live their lives as female, even transition to female, but they are biologically male.

We can’t find so many XXY males who identify as female, or intersex, simply because they don’t identify as anything but male, and I certainly identify as male. Like all other males on the planet I don’t go round saying, day in day out, ‘I identify as male’ as it is self evident that I am male.

The more we find out about human genetics the less some people seem to want to know. I have read reports recently of an XXY phenotypic female who is SRY negative, that is her SRY gene on her Y chromosome does not function. Another report of an XY phenotypic female who is SRY positive, that’s right, her SRY gene is functioning but has no effect.

That I can find 1 report of an XY phenotypic female with an SRY positive gene, does that mean that we can now say all XY males cannot be considered really male anymore? Of course not!

If everybody, including Gina Wilson, walked around naked, there is no way we’d be able to tell if the vast majority were intersex just by looking. Certainly all the XXY males associated with Gina Wilson who identify as intersex, or female, have nothing about their physical characteristics to make such a claim. They are phenotypically male, whether they like it or not. I know this by their own public statements, and the fact that they were not diagnosed at birth! They were declared male like all other males with male genitalia, their chromosomes being unknown.

Sometimes XXY’s are born with malformations of their genitalia, that’s how we know they’re XXY, they have genetic testing done to see what sex they were supposed to be, but had an interference in their development prenatally. The same things happen in XY and XX people too, and hopefully the right decision is made. Considering the known emotional disturbance and personality disorders that are associated with being XXY, I would say leaving such boys in an incomplete state would be seriously hazardous to their mental health and well being.

It seems to me the medical profession is doing nothing to assist this created confusion. Most medical reports link XXY to Klinefelter’s syndrome as if they really were synonymous. They are not. Not all XXY males go on to develop the syndrome Dr Klinefelter described. Even XXY males with normally sized and functioning testes are erroneously described as having Klinefelter’s syndrome, which is the symptoms of the disease Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis, brought about by atrophied testes. If your testes are normally sized and functioning ,and you’re XXY, you can’t have Klinefelter’s syndrome. There are many different karyotypes that can lead to the development of Klinefelter’s syndrome, including 46XY and 46XX!

Chromosomes are carriers of genetic information. They have no sex of themselves. It is the combination of the genes that are expressed that bring about our sex, how we are seen and how we see ourselves, in association with our environment, our health, our nourishment and our education.

I suggest people ought to get themselves a better education.

Sex Sells, even supposed ‘intersex sex’

I have a video on Vimeo, it’s just be expressing my opinions, showing my image, detailing my history. And it’s so good, it looks like ‘fucked in the head’ isn’t reading here anymore. I wonder if he took my advice or just died? I don’t mind either way, good riddance whatever the outcome.

Anyway my video with me in it is not being accessed from here. It can only be embedded to here, and has been made available on Facebook but can’t be watched there. So people are going to Vimeo to see my video, that’s good. It’s had so many views it outstrips all my other videos on Vimeo 10 fold!

So obviously I’m not intersex, not even close, but I do know of other XXY guys who claim they are on the basis of their chromosomes! What a stupid idea. Two I know of liken their atrophied testes to being ‘intersex’ as if they were born that way, but they weren’t, they were born with naturally small testes like any other male. And when they reached puberty, (puberty is not something that hits you, it’s something you arrive at, or you develop to), their testes expanded like they do for every other male on the planet too, (who has testes).

For people who are truly intersex they often have chromosomal tests to find out what sex they were supposed to be, but didn’t develop to, and I think that’s where these confused individuals get their ideas from. What they’re effectively saying is “every test every body has, no matter what disorder they suffer from, must mean all the disorders are related” and of course they’re not. Regardless of what they want to imply, their genitals are perfectly male looking. They are not intersex. They’re desperately trying to fit in somewhere, anywhere, and as the saying goes, ‘any port in a storm will do.’

So join the club of those who really do want to see what a real XXY man looks like, and you’re not alone, you like me are just 1 of many.

Guess who Graeme-XXY is Proud of? (NUDE video) from Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

Testosterone Therapy for Men with Klinefelter’s syndrome

So obviously all the people who think XXY’s etc with Klinefelter’s syndrome are not really male can fuck off. I’m not interested in engaging your opinion any longer, and especially those fools who say that crap and take testosterone too, they’re obviously hypocrites to their own argument. Nobody takes testosterone unless they want to be male and to be seen as male outwardly.

Testosterone Injections mapped for September 2012, which is the same for any other month of the year.

Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

Klinefelter’s syndrome is a chronic disease, as with other chronic diseases it requires life long medical care.

I take Depot-Testosterone 100mgs/mL @ 125mgs per injection, supposedly once weekly, but in colder weather I might only have an injection every 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how I feel.

If a man with Klinefelter’s syndrome does not have testosterone therapy he has an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, auto immune diseases, and fatal fractures. By taking testosterone therapy he increases his risk of cardiovascular disease, and prostate cancer, but eliminates all risk of fatal fractures and developing auto immune diseases, although non Huntington’s lymphoma is not changed if he has hormone therapy or not. Overall a man who develops Klinefelter’s syndrome is better off taking testosterone therapy.