Sex Sells, even supposed ‘intersex sex’

I have a video on Vimeo, it’s just be expressing my opinions, showing my image, detailing my history. And it’s so good, it looks like ‘fucked in the head’ isn’t reading here anymore. I wonder if he took my advice or just died? I don’t mind either way, good riddance whatever the outcome.

Anyway my video with me in it is not being accessed from here. It can only be embedded to here, and has been made available on Facebook but can’t be watched there. So people are going to Vimeo to see my video, that’s good. It’s had so many views it outstrips all my other videos on Vimeo 10 fold!

So obviously I’m not intersex, not even close, but I do know of other XXY guys who claim they are on the basis of their chromosomes! What a stupid idea. Two I know of liken their atrophied testes to being ‘intersex’ as if they were born that way, but they weren’t, they were born with naturally small testes like any other male. And when they reached puberty, (puberty is not something that hits you, it’s something you arrive at, or you develop to), their testes expanded like they do for every other male on the planet too, (who has testes).

For people who are truly intersex they often have chromosomal tests to find out what sex they were supposed to be, but didn’t develop to, and I think that’s where these confused individuals get their ideas from. What they’re effectively saying is “every test every body has, no matter what disorder they suffer from, must mean all the disorders are related” and of course they’re not. Regardless of what they want to imply, their genitals are perfectly male looking. They are not intersex. They’re desperately trying to fit in somewhere, anywhere, and as the saying goes, ‘any port in a storm will do.’

So join the club of those who really do want to see what a real XXY man looks like, and you’re not alone, you like me are just 1 of many.

Guess who Graeme-XXY is Proud of? (NUDE video) from Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.