The Very BEST of American High School Students

This is the most entertaining video I have ever seen, by ANYBODY, at any time, EVER, about Klinefelter’s syndrome. This video is well worth watching. Not necessarily accurate. I wonder what devious dealings are going on regarding these children and this video below? Fancy removing a video because of praise. Oh well I’ll leave the link here just as a reminder of how funny it was. Gavan and Nicky, you need to get together, and fuck each other, since you’re too scared to form heterosexual relationships.

And the very worst “Delightful Creatures” who still have their crappy video on YouTube with all the crappy comments from Nicky the Bigot and Piss & Pity.

“Maybe the little delightful creatures would like to see it, then they can make a video of your findings and prove everything you say, Nicky?

I suspect the delightful creatures are simply glad you and Gavan aren’t stalking them, and will do and say anything to make you and Gavan feel important.

Would that be right delightful creatures? You won’t want these two thugs to come after you now would you, that’s what you do at school isn’t it, join in and bully lest the bullies come after you too!”

    Image titled: Bullies at Work

Bullies at Work

Notice how Nicky the Bigot, aka Nicky K D Chaleunphone, does not use his own image on his own YouTube channel? He did Tweet one time that this new set up at YouTube would prevent thugs from using channels to stalk and harass people, but obviously he’s proven himself wrong, which is probably the only thing he is really good at.

And Nicky, the YouTube staff have already seen your blog, and everything you said about where you lived, and all the stuff about me, so you’re fucked. You need to learn that when you shoot your big mouth off people will take screen shots of it, and will post it. You will be asked to prove what you say, and you will never do that as you are always shooting blanks, just like when you used to ejaculate.