I’m not satisfied with standard anything

I don’t accept there us a such a thing as “standard treatment” for XXY males!

Notice a shift?

XXY boys before puberty do not have Klinefelter’s syndrome.

XXY teenagers might develop ASPECTS of Klinefelter’s syndrome, if they’re treated badly.

XXY adults who have developed Klinefelter’s syndrome ought to be allowed to sue their family GP for medical malpractice.

There is no justifiable reason that Klinefelter’s syndrome is allowed to develop in this modern age.

Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of a disease, it is not a disease in itself.

Triple X females, and people with Kallmann syndrome, prove that Klinefelter’s syndrome is not associated with educational difficulty, or delays to reach developmental milestones in early childhood.

All problems for XXY males are caused by the additional X genetic material, the parents of the affected individual, and quality of medical care afforded such males by their doctors.

It’s time for the real culprits to stand up and accept responsibility.

Actually; it’s long past that time.