Good on ya New Zealand/Aotearoa

Whoever you are, you’re reading my blog, all 7 of you, well done! Of course you have a ways to catch up, there are over 50 Americans of the USA variety who read my blog.

I read other people’s blogs supposedly about their medical condition, and it’s cram packed full of crap about all sorts of things EXCEPT their medical condition! What’s the story there? Misleading advertising? There’s nothing in it? They don’t know anything really?

Why is it that there are so many outrageous blogs by other XXY guys, why can’t they be normal like me?


I should have been diagnosed at my first ever full time job at General Motors, Trentham, Upper Hutt. Unfortunately the doctor was away that day, only his/her Nurse was there, and all she could do was ask questions, none of which was ‘How big are your testicles?

When I got down to the ‘shop floor’ that’s what they called it, where the automated lines were, where the cars were assembled, the people I’d been hired with were all talking about their medical. Two of them mentioned how they’d had their balls squeezed. That was odd I thought, that didn’t happen to me. I thought they were making it up. Mainly because that had never happened to me, anywhere, ever!

Not all the guys were talking that way either, nor any of the girls! I suppose it could have been that she only squeezed the balls of the guys she liked, or hated? It’s hard to say really, all I do know is that Nurses aren’t normally allowed to squeeze a guys balls. Oh, unless they’re male Nurses!

I’ve met 2 male Nurses in my professional life. Well I guess it’s ‘professional’ since before I was diagnosed I never met anyone who was male and said they were a Nurse. That’s weird logic, never mind, maybe I can use the words ‘diagnosed life?’ In my diagnosed life, blah blah blah….

So why is it that other XXY guys don’t report what I report? Why is there so much fucking crap out there in blog land about them supposedly being intersexed, or is that intersext? Could it be that these wallies were all adults when they were diagnosed, and got so used to their sexless lives that they think all XXY guys are the same?

Oh there is that other one of course, but he’s so far gone psychiatricly speaking nothing he says can be relied upon as even what he actually thinks, or knows, as what he thinks he knows changes so rapidly from one extreme to another, so I’ll just ignore him from now on.

Intersex is all about weirdly formed genitals, 180px-Ambiguous_genitalia not diseased bodies! Old&young47xxy How the hell any XXY guy can claim he’s intersex is a mystery to me. I think they need to get a grip of themselves and realise how gorgeous looking they really are. Like one XXY guy I know on Facebook who’s got a body almost worth worshiping! I tell you he has the torso of a Bronzed Greek Statue – yet complains women won’t like him! Who the hell cares what women like, it’s what he or I like that’s of greater importance.

XXY guys just seem to be hell bent oh hating themselves, which ought to be considered strange since the world spends so much of it’s time hating everything and everybody that’s different. Oh and if I think a guy has a good looking body I’ll say so and the reader can invent any manner of different meanings to that like as they want, and I don’t give a shit! You play societal games, and I’ll enjoy what I see without prejudice.

Oh look I got side tracked, fancy that, too busy thinking about Mr XXY Universe!

Yeah so, male Nurses, I think they’ve shown the most interest in my tiny testicles, when I had them, than any others in all the medical professions I’ve been involved with. I can imagine the thoughts going through their heads “Fuck those are small” or “I’m so glad I don’t have those” and “I’ve just got to feel them, are they really that hard?”

Normally I don’t have anything to do with male Nurses. They get jobs in hospitals on the basis of their sex, that they are male and can therefore do certain tasks better then female Nurses, like shaving genitals. Nah that can’t be right, female Nurses have shaved me too! No, that was the reason given by the Staff Nurse, that she’s getting a male Nurse to shave me, to ‘lessen embarrassment.’ What’s more embarrassing; having an erection in front of a man, or in front of a woman you don’t know, and have never seen before?

Dah…… it’s the same!

Can you imagine, you’re laying in a hospital bed naked and a person comes in with a bowl of hot water and a razor, you have an instant erection. Is the Nurse thinking “he wants to have sex with me?” If it’s true, and the Nurse is male, is that less embarrassing?

Males, period, have erections from date of birth to date of death and at all points between. Just because a male has an erection doesn’t mean he wants to have sex. Of course just because he didn’t think of it at that time of his erection, is no reason to assume he won’t think of it whilst there’s someone else present. In fact there are very good reasons why he will think of it whilst someone else is present, or not, depending on how long the erection lasts!

Other XXY guys don’t report this kind of stuff. No, they’re strange, they report how testosterone doesn’t work, makes them feel funny, makes them depressed. They talk about how so much better their lives were before they started testosterone. I think, ‘why do you moan so much?’ ‘Who makes you take testosterone, you’re all big boys now, you can refuse anything you don’t want.’ They still complain though, as if there’s nothing else in their lives except how badly they’re constantly being treated, there is nothing good in anything.

Taking testosterone for me at 17 was like returning to when I was 10. The only difference being that at 17 I knew why I was going stiff at any odd time of day or night. I didn’t feel depressed by that at all. I wasn’t depressed at 10 either, just intrigued. (well if I was it wasn’t for that reason, that was a highlight) I had restarted puberty, it was exciting, it was great, it was the best. I can’t imagine why any male doesn’t like puberty, or returning to puberty if it had stalled. All those weird XXY guys who grizzle and moan about testosterone MUST’VE forgotten about their initial puberty, and been so used to being without sexual desire, for so long, they’d also forgotten the JOY OF SEX!

Somehow in their minds they’ve twisted things around to be joyful without sex, as low testosterone for many years will result in no sexual desire. That’s not normal though, that is strange. Mammals are made to have sex, that’s how they reproduce of course, and being infertile does not stop that desire provided their sex hormone is adequate. Sexual feelings and thoughts they experience are not ‘strange’ or ‘alien’ they are normal. So maybe they’re making up more stories to counter a hidden truth, that can only be resolved if they don’t have sufficient sex hormone, sexual desires that cannot be controlled, that are illegal? Then they can pretend they’re ‘intersex’ and are without sexual desire!

That is the only scenario that makes sense to me.