Peer Pressure

So what do I say what Klinefelter’s syndrome is, read to the left, “Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of disease.”

Go that, understand? It’s not intersex, it’s SYMPTOMS of DISEASE.

What do I say XXY is? That might be harder to define, or XXY is XY with a Barr body. That covers everything.

Do you think I might argue with online discussion groups and supposedly information sites about the information they frequently have on both? You’d be correct if you do!

My latest argument ended in a semi-win. Effectively the site agreed they were misrepresenting what they have online about XXY and KS, but they won’t change it as, “all the other sites say the same.” So that’s the effect of Peer Pressure a feature of life I am immune to.

My peers, well who are they? Other ignorant XXY guys? Men who think they’re intersex? Parents of boys before puberty who think their son has Klinefelter’s syndrome? I reject all of you people as my peers. You’re not thinking reasonably, sensibly, logically, correctly. You’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

As I keep saying it’s not my idea to separate XXY and KS. For some it’s their idea to separate XXY from AD/HD. I agree, not all XXY’s have AD/HD, and almost no XXY’s look like the people Dr Klinefelter first described. Like I say to parents, regularly, “What’s the point in discovering these boys early if you, or their doctors, are going to insist they develop features of the syndrome that are avoidable?” Is AD/HD avoidable, I don’t think so. Being excessively tall is! Being obese is! Having no musculature is! Having no energy is!

When I was at the site I left messages of course, for the XXY guys who’d asked and got nothing back from anybody. So really I am the only enlightened educator out there on the internet telling the truth, a truth that few seem to be willing to accept. The child XXY sons are not diseased, and they may never be, provided they get proper health care.

A couple of times it was said I was known before I got there, I do make an impression.

The administrators of the site I was at admitting they won’t change because of ‘peer pressure,’ is as good as them admitting they are wrong.

Every little bit helps!

That’s all for now.

XXY – for life.