Communication Breakdown

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Was I in London in 1970? Nah, nupe didn’t arrive there until 1972. Oh well never mind. So that was exciting wasn’t it, yes it was even if you disagree. I’m not in the habit of changing my mind just because other people disagree.

Do you know that people say that XXY guys are poor communicators? I wonder why they say those things in groups designed to encourage people to participate? Then some XXY guys actually get pissed off because there’s not enough chatter! I don’t, I just carry on chatting, why not? Oh they get pissed off because I’m chatting, oh how sad, they can always take their own hint and start chatting, aka communicating!

Some XXY guy popped by one of my channels the other day, telling me all about how testosterone made him crazy, ohh that’s weird, not reported in literature that one! Then he went on to say how he was taking mood stabilisers. I actually prefer a stable mood and a sex life so I have testosterone, I replied. And strangely female to male transsexuals don’t report what some XXY guys report about testosterone, so maybe the XXY guys response is due to too little testosterone, not too much, or any?

Do you know that even in boring old XY guys some of their testosterone is converted into oestrogen (estrogen)? I think that’s how they maintain a stable mood, and when we look at FtM Transguys they have oestrogen production from their ovaries, so they don’t need as much testosterone as regular XY guys, or XXY guys, as they don’t need to convert any of it to estrogen.

And you have to remember it’s the hormones of the female egg producing cycle that causes their occasional mood instability, not their staple oestrogen. So the XXY guys who make themselves unstable in their mood by refusing testosterone NEED something else to be happy, or stable! They have to have other mind altering drugs that replace their missing oestrogen that they’re not converting from their testosterone.

XXY guys certainly do like to give oestrogen a bad name. In their testosterone starved brain they imagine they’re more like females because they have unstable mood. That’s really sexist by the way, but what do they care! So they’re not more like females, they’re more like XY males with hypogonadism! People really ought to go and look into regular XY males who develop hypogonadism and see just where they’re at in regard to mood, some are going to be seriously surprised.

So I think it’s insufficient oestrogen that causes XXY males to develop unstable mood. Of course I do have a labile mood, do you know what ‘labile’ means? Without you having to go look it up it, briefly it means ‘changes rapidly’ ‘unpredictable’ ‘spontaneous’ along those lines. This is the way I’ve been all my life, so I take the attitude of ‘better the devil I know.’ It seems no amount of oestrogen I have, or testosterone, makes any difference to that type of mood. I think I’ll just be used to it, since I’ve had a long time to get used to it.

I don’t want to change my mood, I don’t want to have to drug myself up to change it. I take enough drugs as it is without adding more. So I’ll change the things I can, (that need changing), accept the things I cannot (or won’t) change, and have the good sense to know the difference. How about you?