The Censorship of YouTube

The entire video the YouTube staff think should only be 43 seconds long! If I can get it here of course, my last file was the exact same size as this one, 162MB, so in theory this ought to be an exact copy of the original, and therefore duplicate! Of course with the YouTube staff the rules are ‘if I can get away with it I’ll do it’ by that method they removed an unlisted video claiming it had been seen my ‘members of the community’ when it had never been seen by anybody, and they may well have edited the original file to that 43 seconds and a corresponding small file size?

This video is supposed to be 7 minutes and 58 seconds long, try hard to keep it that length YouTube staff! I’m talking about testicles, not showing testicles, you know full well YouTube staff there and many videos already on YouTube showing testicles of human beings, and you know full well you apply a standard to my videos you do not apply to other users, because of your gross unprofessionalism. And if you want me to say nice things about you, do nice things to talk about.

My original video: