True Intersex Only

Everybody who claims the intersex label has a medical reason to make their claim. They don’t all have anything different about their genitalia, most indeed have perfectly normal male or female genitalia. Most people who claim the intersex label do so because of reasons other than genital difference, some even so vague as ‘psychological feelings.’

All intersex groups have assumed to represent every person with any type of DSD, Disorder of Sex Development, whether they want to be represented by them or not. The intersex fanatics believe they have the right to superimpose their views on everybody.

The most recent diabolical achievement of the intersex groups is to have the NIH (American National Institutes of Health) include ‘intersex’ people when determining therapy options, within the LGBT acronym. This of course is just fine for those who claim the intersex label, and see their difference in thoughts of their sex, or actual differences of their physical sex, as representative of their sexual orientation.

However I wonder if they’ve ever thought of all the heterosexual people who have no interest in supporting, or being associated with the LBGT acronym, who have never seen themselves as intersex and reject the offensive label imposed upon them by the intersex fanatics?

A few deluded souls treated for the same symptoms of disease I’m treated for, and who caused the intersex groups to include them, (and every body else with the same symptoms of disease), in the intersex group illegitimately, can revel in their delusions further. These male people with male genitalia, and no physical difference from any other male at birth, I suppose will see no reason to protest their inclusion in the acronym since they are all homosexual, bisexual or, asexual men, anyway.

However I dispute that sex chromosome aneuploidy, testicular atrophy, and hypogonadism qualifies them for inclusion with the true intersex people. They are simply men wanting to justify their sexual orientation as being normal, and acceptable, in the bigoted societies in which they live. They can pretend to be ‘inter’ rather than male, and say their homosexual relationships are the same as heterosexual relationships as they are not the same sex as their partners. Of course they are deluded, they are the exact same sex, male.


How big a man’s testicles are is not an indication of his sex when they were normally sized at birth, and only atrophied as a result of disease, after the onset of puberty. Such men who have testosterone therapy do not have ‘breast development’ as one such deluded fool claims, as after testosterone therapy is established, gynaecomastia is precluded. Gynaecomastia is disease, not an indication of sex in males. Indeed breasts are not sex organs at all, they are glands designed to feed babies with. They have simply been sexualised by ‘western society’ and this inappropriate sexualisation of breasts has been adopted by intersex fanatics, as indicative of primary sex characteristics.

Whilst the intersex groups accept illegitimate membership of their organisations by persons not affected by at birth differences, and assume to incorporate all other persons with those medical conditions their illegitimate members have, I oppose the inclusion of the I into the LGBT acronym. Their only way to get my support is to include ONLY the 1:20,000,000 persons born with ambiguity of genitalia, who are the True Intersex, as their legitimate members.