No Respector of Persons

No I won’t apologise, if XXY men can’t or won’t tell the truth they can be called liars, and be happy with the description, since it’s accurate.

Have you ever heard of XXYTALK (dot) COM? I’d hate to actually type it’s name out as a link, that you might get there from here. It is jam packed full of liars, men pretending all manner of differences not reported in literature. How the hell anybody runs a support organisation by allowing or telling outright lies I have no idea. Ian McKinlay ought to find plenty of extraneous material there to add to his book. Of course he does advertise he wants more reports, but as he never replied to my comments, I’ll assume my account is not what he’s looking for, and of course if a population for study is selected the results are skewed automatically, and as a result worthless!

So if XXY’s are selected for study because they’re tall, that’s a worthless study. If XXY’s are selected because they’re fat, that’s a worthless study. If XXY’s are selected because they’re homosexual, it’s a worthless study. If XXY’s are selected because they’re Transgendered, it’s a worthless study. If you want to study anything to do with a specific population based on karyotype the subjects must not be selected for any specific trait, other than their karyotype.

Considering most XXY’s are never diagnosed it’s going to be pretty difficult getting a reliable sample of unselected individuals to participate. Apart from the sex chromatin studies done in Denmark, Edinburgh, Toronto, and Denver, we’re pretty much stuck with small studies of selected individuals. If only it wasn’t ethically wrong to find XXY’s and refuse to tell them they’re XXY, and refuse to treat them for whatever needs they have. Maybe the proponents of these strange feelings would be willing to refuse therapy officially, since I do not believe a single XXY man who says he does not have therapy, when it is proven he needs it. There are plenty of anecdotal accounts of this occurring, just no independently verified accounts.

What a quandary we have. Few countries actually search for XXY’s at birth. Those countries that do test for XXY do so not at birth, but prenatally, and only pregnant women over 40 qualify. An unknown number of those women choose abortion. There is only a slight increase in maternal age regarding XXY pregnancies, and the vast majority of XXY boys remain undiagnosed until serendipity steps in. Most XXY’s are found by accident. Actually being diagnosed because a doctor noticed a teenage boy had tiny testicles is indeed a rarity, which is how I was discovered. If I had not got so tired working for one motor company, as a result of hypogonadism, and moved to a nearer, to where I lived, motor company I wonder how long it would have taken to be diagnosed? The medical profession is not very good at taking notice of the researchers suggestions.

XXY Conclusions

I expect boys born with micropenis are chromosomally tested, but regularly I hear and read of young men with Gynaecomastia who are later for other reasons diagnosed XXY, when they could have been diagnosed earlier, or much earlier.

You try and get a G.P. to order a karyotype on the basis of educational difficulty, and you’ll have a 100% uphill battle.