Klinefelter’s syndrome IS the Symptoms of Disease!

Everybody who says they’re intersex is treated for a DISEASE (unless they’re lying) from Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

What most of the people treated for Disorders of Sex Development are trying to hide from you, as they’re ashamed of their bodies. Some people who claim they’re intersex actually have Munchhausen syndrome, where they make up tall stories for their own aggrandizement, or they don’t want to admit they’re transsexual, or they just like the idea of having an unusual disease for sexual gratification.

All the current groups supporting supposed intersex people have Munchhausen syndrome people on their governing bodies, this is because none require proof of claims made. Some of the people with Munchhausen syndrome do have DSD’s too. They are grossly exaggerating their medical condition to elicit a more sympathetic response. Such as one man claims to have ovaries and testes, a condition never before seen in medical literature, he also claims to have Klinefelter’s syndrome. Such a case would be reported in medical literature as it has never happened before. In reality it has never happened at all.

His claim of having ovaries and testes is not the first instance, YouTube has another blatant fraudster who claims the same, and also claims CAH & 45X/46XY sex chromosome mosaicism. Such a person has the possibility of existing rated at 1 in 1 Trillion, more than the population of the earth, several times. The claim is an outright lie.

These people want to pretend the word intersex was replaced by Disorders of Sex Development, but I prove that is not true, Disorders of Sex Development replaces Disorders of Sex Differentiation, intersex isn’t even mentioned. None of these people were ever treated for an intersex condition, they were all treated for a Disorder of Sex Differentiation. The medical profession loves acronyms and will not even consider the change of nomenclature.

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Hida Viloria has got to be the dumbest educated person on earth! How can she possibly believe a disease like Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis can be anything but a DISEASE? She ought to reserve her stupid ignorant comments for the uneducated believers, and these fanatics really do sound like religious fanatics, who just couldn’t care less about the potential harm they can do.