Debating Group?

Masturbating group more like!

Edit added 6 August 2013
Received just now, 2:40pm New Zealand time. You can of course read that I named nobody, nor did I name the group itself, but when dealing with a bully group this is what you can expect:

“Michelle Milenko
You have been removed from Debate This for a violation of the rules. DT has found that your blog about Jess Rawk’s College Fund was uncalled for and rude. The rule that clearly states “what happens on DT, Stays on DT” was violated. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

They don’t have a rule about bullying, they sell the right to bully people into submission. I believe they are children playing games.


Yes I found a group on Facebook that is designed for debating, that’s the idea you get when you look into it. Of course there are rules for the group, that everybody’s supposed to abide by, and of course not all groups run smoothly.

However this particular group I found has a secret rule – SECRET RULE! How can a group have a secret rule that is not discovered until you exercise a right all Facebook participants have, the right to block bullies and thugs. In the public rules you’re not allowed to block the Administrators of the Group, that seems fair enough, provided they don’t become bullies and thugs.

Ahh but the secret rule allows the Administrators to become just that, bullies by proxy. Yeah brilliant I suppose, if you’re bullies or thugs, or American’s or whatever! So in this ‘debating club’ one of the Administrators sold the right to bully other ‘debaters’ whenever he feels the need, which tends to be when the owner of the permission, called a ‘kick card’, chooses to exercise it, such as when the bully deliberately assassinates a debate by posting numerous pornographic images into a thread. Everybody participating has to just go along with this behaviour, and is forced to view pornography or anything else the bully wants to push people round with.

The Administrators do absolutely nothing of course, they’ve already tied their own hands behind their back by selling the thug the right to do this. Even if they don’t like it, they can do nothing about it, officially.

If you happen to be the originator of the thread and you can’t stop him from being disruptive like an out of control child, with untreated AD/HD, in a primary school class room, you can of course block him in the real Facebook world. It’s desperate action for a desperate situation, that was foisted upon one by an outright total fool, and a diabolically stupid, money inspired, decision.

The only reason such a fool would even attempt such a stupid act can be that he knows, or is fairly certain, he can’t be disciplined by any rule, or Administrator, officially. He will continue to be a complete total arsehole, as he bought the right to be a complete total arsehole!

Then when you do take the only course of action open, to ensure debate continues, the arsehole invokes his secret right that was purchased. The right to have the person who blocked him thrown out of the group, why it is called a ‘kick card.’

Today I discover that the thug has been banned from Facebook for 30 days. Another poster, who may be an Administrator, I have no idea, declared he was reported for something. This person knows a lot but doesn’t know the reason for the banning, which is odd as he claims to know who did the reporting, and has named that person. I can’t understand how someone who is not an Administrator can know that someone has been banned, and who reported him, but not the reason for the complaint.

I conclude the Administrators made the complaint, as they regret the power they sold to the thug and have finally realised the error they have made. They can’t possibly admit they were the ones who made the complaint as their own rules state posts cannot be reported, another gross error of judgement.

Time will be the judge of whether these people have learned how to properly run a Debating Group. It may be interesting to simply sit back and watch, provided of course that I’m not banned by another thug exercising a ‘kick card’ that was purchased?

One thought on “Debating Group?

  1. I have a comment from Red Ranger, this is Stephen Mondy’s other persona. Stephen Mondy is the wanker who adulterated my children’s images and other images to show everybody how childish he is. If you know this man and he’s your partner and he’s heterosexual, don’t have children with him, he’s far too immature to raise children, he’s still a child himself.

    I suppose he could be about 30 years old? He has a very small head in his profile image, I wondered if he photo shopped his image, to make his shoulders seem bigger, or if he genuinely has a pin head? I think he genuinely has a pin head.

    So his comment will be trashed of course, and I suppose he’s been sent by the Administration of “Debate This” the Facebook group designed for bullying. If you belong to it, leave it, if you’re not prepared to lick Jaun Patel’s arse, daily, as Stephen Mondy does.


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