Politics is It?

In order to make certain all my posts to “Debate This” were deleted, I deleted them all after I unblocked a thug under the threat of being banned if I did not unblock him. I do not know if all my posts are now gone I’ve not asked, but I don’t expect any of the group owners to tell truth about anything.

This unblocked individual is the person who spammed my thread with pornography, and showed no sign of not continuing on with his childish behaviour. Indeed after he was unblocked he did continue his disruptiveness, just not so extreme as before. I didn’t see any more pornography at least. He is the same person who was banned from Facebook for 30 days. The person who claims to have signed on with another persona, and is the person who announced the banning.

In the decision to unblock him was the idea that he could be reasoned with. Others wrote to me privately saying “DO NOT UNBLOCK.” There is a substantive group on “Debate This” who are literally terrified of this thug. They want to participate in DEBATES that are devoid of his childish thuggery. Yet the owners of the group literally encourage him to assassinate debates.

Images of my children, me as a child, my partners children, were included in the “debate” no problem at all for the owners. Crude, rude, nasty comments about my children, me as a child, and my partners children, were also devoid of action by the owners. This is one of the more mild types of images I’m referring to:

Stephen Mundy of American I presume

Clearly a little boy in his mind created this compilation above.

They really wanted me to move out, but can I guarantee all my posts would go too if I just left? Nope, I needed to stick it out, to exercise my plan, that had the be kept secret to work. Do you wonder how they can cite ‘rudeness’ as a justification to remove someone?