Katie Hopkins Ltd

Can I remember how to write a page for my paid for Blog, with real money I obtained?

Katie Hopkins is a what, a celebrity, of sorts. A ‘Reality TV Contestant’ I wonder how much that pays, can anybody do it, do you need qualifications Katie Hopkins, do you have any qualifications Katie Hopkins, relevant or not to being a ‘Reality TV Contestant?’

Yes I see on Katie Hopkins’ Blog that her comments are copyright to Katie Hopkins Ltd, that’s a ‘limited liability company’ of you don’t know. I don’t know entirely what that means, but it sounds impressive. I wonder if Katie Hopkins would get all hot an blustered if a British pensioner, British Welfare recipient, a British person under 25, who was working, also wrote a blog criticising her demented viewpoint?

Oh talking about demented, Katie expects to be ‘put down‘ by whom I wonder lest they be sued by her Limited Liability Company, for exercising her demented wishes? Anyway Katie Hopkins claims that when she becomes more demented than she is now, that she wants to be ‘euthanised!’ That’s a politically correct way of saying ‘assisted murder,’ or ‘assisted suicide!’ I believe both are illegal in Britain currently?

I can be wrong, it may be legal in Britain to assist someone to death, but if it is why does she offer the The Netherlands position on Euthanasia as justification? So I think it probably isn’t legal in Britain.

I’m sure I can find plenty of people in Britain right now who’d like Katie Hopkins declared ‘demented’ tomorrow, and euthanised the next day. But then I remembered something else she said about under 25’s on Welfare, who were working, but needed rent assistance to continue living where they were. If you agree with her crap it makes sense I suppose, roughly sensible I guess. If you’ve been living in an area that has had rent increases, instead of getting rent assistance, move to a lower rental area.

You may ask how those two topics are linked? Yeah to me they stick out like dogs balls! Katie Hopkins if you can’t legally kill yourself because of your dementia in Britain, MOVE to the Netherlands, or do you never apply your demented views to yourself the same as you do to others?

You’re hypocrite bitch, you can’t get what you want in Britain so you move to where you can get it. I’m sure the Dutch will be more than happy to dispatch you to a happier place where you no longer have to deal with the worthless scum, who can’t be bothered getting out of bed to find a job, or those who attain fame, and presumably fortune, by being Reality TV Competitors!

Oh did I just put you in the same league as those you think are cluttering up the welfare system? Those lazy people who don’t want to work, in a time of high unemployment, because governments aren’t used to dealing with economic issues that cause recession! I’m sure you believe all people who are not in work, or Reality TV, are deliberately skiving their responsibility to contribute to society! I’m sure I see those bigoted narrow minded views often in times of high unemployment. Those sorts of views seem to be generated by poor economic performance, and we all want someone to blame, especially who have no, and can have no, influence. What use is a scapegoat that has a point to argue, and the means to argue it!

Those people who happen to end up living in high rent areas, or were when they were working, now have to leave their communities, to make way for people like you who have attained wealth, by even dubious means, as having money is more important than a thriving community of regular people. Yeah I just can’t see it latching on, except in the former Soviet Union, where forced transfer of persons in a particular population was deemed economically sound. What really is the difference between forcibly removing people, and taking away welfare so they have to move?