Oh no my Website has GONE – GUTTED

But I will get over it. Hell; I got over being sterile, I’m sure I can get over losing my website, for who knows what reason?

This is my first post in ages, even after I paid for 2 YEARS of video hosting, well they gave me 1 year and I didn’t notice and paid for another year anyway,  I don’t know, if only I were more observant?

So what happened? Good question!  I have no idea. I just went by my Magix website to discover it’d been removed, and is currently “under construction”  well I don’t know if I can be bothered constructing it again, I do use rudimentary HTM code and not Magixs’ super duper web maker, maybe that’s why it was removed?

So for the QR code below, don’t go to it, it’s not there, and don’t go there for all the other times I use it in this blog!  I really can’t be bothered editing every page to remove it, and I won’t be doing that again, well  if Magix gives me a new website, I might?

QR Code Web Address

Or maybe it was one of the many ‘dick heads’ I criticise?  I can think of 1 who is prone to making outrageous statements, then claiming he’s being ‘slandered’ if he should ever be quoted!  He’s also complained that only his crackpot comments are repeated…. hello you there in la la land, why would anybody want to quote your rare, sensible, comments, where’s the fun in that?

Oh I got an answer, I didn’t log in myself enough, oh dear!

Below is my once opening paragraph to my personal website, and Magix has changed the rules for personal websites, which I think had much more to do with its removal than anything else, and I’ve added a few bits for clarity:

My personal website has disappeared, see nothing lasts forever, never mind all is not lost, this is the opening paragraph bracketed sections added for clarity:

Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of a disease in the testicles of males with some degree of additional X genetic material.

(the word ‘testicles’ doesn’t really exist, I just use it to make reading easy for those who think it does.)

If a man has some degree of that additional X genetic material in his blood, he can have none in his testicles. Such a man will not have those symptoms of disease as he won’t have the disease to begin with! Generally speaking though, XXY men are said to have Klinefelter’s syndrome, regardless of the symptoms of disease they may or may not have.

XXY pre pubertal boys are also said to have Klinefelter’s syndrome, and they clearly have NO symptoms of Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis, (the disease Klinefelters’ syndrome is the symptoms of) in teenagers and adults with some degree of that additional X genetic material.

(Testes have to mature under the influence of LH before STD can arise, therefore puberty must have initiated before the symptoms of disease can manifest. Understand that Grant LaHood of New Zealand!)

Basically an entire additional X is not required, merely a repeat sequence on their one and only X, a regular XY man has, will do. If you really don’t believe me, go and ask your doctor!

People seem to like to have a syndrome to blame for everything, Whereas I blame piss poor parenting, piss poor medical care, and piss poor knowledge of doctors, patients and parents alike, they are all to blame collectively for their own ignorance, as I am too.

So this is MY version of MY story, and if you don’t like it, you can always write your own.”