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I love being male, being male is just plain great, childhood wasn’t all that fantastic but I’m sure it must have been better than if I was not male.

But some transsexual people really piss me off. All the shit I had to go through and still do go through, some of them want to latch onto that crap and applaud it, make out it’s something desirable. Dopey bastards, pardon!

So the XY Transsexual hates his chromosomes, if only he was lucky enough to be born XX he might have been female. I bet he thinks “oh yeah I definitely would be” but it’s not necessarily true, it’s a probability not an absolute. In my population there are XX males, who have male everything just like any other male in my population.

I hate my chromosomes too, I was asked the question a long time ago, “If you could take a pill that would change everything, would you take it?” And my answer is “In a heartbeat!” Do other males think this sort of thing about Transsexuals too? No I don’t think so, other males are fertile, they have a sex drive that doesn’t have to be assisted to exist. They never have to do a thing but age to grow hair, and shave, and respond sexually. Even Transsexual people have no problems with those things, like F2M’s for instance, they take the tiniest amount of testosterone and whammo facial & body hair galore, wanting to hump everything in sight. I took testosterone for 22 years and no effect whatsoever. Some Transsexual people are just so lucky.

Then there’s the M2F’s who want to pretend they have a chromosomal ‘condition’ – “CONDITION???” it’s a bloody disease, well it’s the symptoms of a disease to be exact! But not to them, it’s a desirable characteristic, but they don’t have all the other things associated with it, for some strange reason the Transsexual who pretends chromosomal aneuploidy have pretty much perfect lives. Not surprising really, their disease is psychiatric, not that they want to admit it in many instances. And the first Transsexual I heard of who claimed chromosomal aneuploidy and decided to Transition was Caroline Cossey, that’s a pretty glamorous lifestyle. Does everybody want to be a fashion model, film extra, activist for Transsexual rights? Married, that was not problem at all, well second attempt at least. According to 1 account Caroline claims to be XXY, and in another XXXY. I’d stick to XXY if I were her, XXXY’s are mentally retarded!!

And the latest fraud, as far as I’m concerned, who fathered 2 children, 2 children!!! Then transitioned. Created an heir and a spare with his dutiful wife, who supports him without question, anything he says must be the only answer. The person loves my chromosomes, what a cheek. We can’t have children, not naturally, we have to go through painful and expensive medical procedures to have a family naturally, if at all. In most instances our time for producing viable sperm we’re so young people don’t even want to discuss sex, and the intricate detail of extracting those possibly viable sperm.

Imagine being the parent of a 12 year old boy and you just discovered he is XXY and he might have live sperm in his ejaculate, as 12 year olds ejaculate, remember? And the parents have to say to their child “ejaculate into this jar, we want to get you a sperm count”, or “we want to store your ejaculate until you’re older.” Trouble with that is sperm can only be stored for 7 years, and by the time the boy is 19 he will almost ceretainly be infertile.

But not if he’s a transsexual, transsexuals father children in their early 30’s. Claim XXY and all the ‘desirable effects’ of Klinefelter’s syndrome, that can only be described as gross disfigurements to normal XXY males. Yes we are normal males who love being male in virtually every instance, except when someone is transsexual who hates being the male he is, and can’t change his chromosomes, just like we can’t change ours. But s/he has to lie about everything, as s/he can’t accept GID is the real disease and Klinefelter’s syndrome is a myth in them.

There is no such thing as “late onset Klinefelter’s syndrome” that’s just the myth of some transsexuals, they want it to be so much, so they invent it, a brand new medical disease just for them. (It is the production of LH and FSH soon after the onset of puberty that initiates testicular failure in XXY males.) And in the process, of course, mocking all of us who really do struggle with an additional X chromosomes pseudo-autosomal genes, they being the only genes active on the additional X. They being the genes that shrink our balls to pea size, rendering all those undesirable features of hypogonadism that M2F transsexual people want. And if I could give you my additional genes, there’d be no charge at all. More science fiction there.

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  1. Wow I know some XXXYs and their mental abilities vary greatly as do XXY and XYY. After caregiving for a XXY male phenotype for 10 years I am alarmed at your abuse of those in any population that think they are transgendered. There is little to no correlation with number of sex chromosomes and being transgendered. So the TS numbers among XXYs should be about the same as XYs. I know you are aware that about 25% of XXYs are female phenotype, although their “ovaries” are small undescended testes that can cause cancer. Female XXYs makeup about 1/3 of the high fashion models. Also I do hope you Dr told you that we are all female for the first 100 days of gestation so the male X is necessary for a bit more than a couple of repeat sequences.


    • I suppose, for some, the only thing that’s not abuse is me taking the word of every person right there and then, no questions asked. However having been lied to by a female impersonator who is still on YouTube lying to everybody who will listen, I don’t think demanding people provide evidence of their claims to be abuse at all. You’re making some interesting comments here, and I could go and search the information out, but I know I won’t find it.

      Considering how few XXY’s there are, and that Transgenderism is found in our population, I’d say Gender Dysphoria is more common in our population than the XY population. But that’s just my personal opinion. I do know XXY people who transition are always discounted from studies of the Transgendered, as Transgendered is a stand alone condition not punctuated by any other sex related abnormality.

      Most XXY’s are male phenotype, and what you think is my belief is not true, so I am not aware of the claim you make. If people have ovaries and testes they are True Hermaphrodites, and I have never seen documentation to back up the only claim I know of that proves ovaries and testes are indeed present in the man who makes the claim. And no I don’t believe him, and will not without that proof.


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