About YouTube Freedom of Oppression!

The YouTube Staff couldn’t give a shit about Community Guidelines, or Terms of Service, they are literally bloody animals, each and everyone of them needs a bullet between the eyes, placed there at high velocity! Fancy supporting shits like Gavan Coleman and Nicky the bigot!

I thought I’d leave this just how it is, I did have an image of the YouTube logo, up there top left, with the “Communist Manifesto” logo stitched into it, but as you can see it’s gone. And so is the channel XXY4LIFE1. The YouTube staff say I closed it down, but I couldn’t have I’ve been banned from it and the email address associated with it for months, but they must have watched my video! I make a video with comments sent to me by YouTube thugs like Gavan Coleman (peaceandparty), and Simon Green (bbrovers5), and the YouTuber formerly known as Wirelessfeet, and everytime my video is removed by the YouTube staff for something – inappropriate, hate speech, whatever! Only they care! YouTube MIGHT support the expression of an unpopular view, but the YouTube staff don’t! Not when it’s about them they don’t!

[Sunday 19th August – 9:56am New Zealand time.
So when I noticed XXY4LIFE1 gone I went to Google Help Forums, YouTube Feedback & Suggestions (or something like that) and asked if the email address can be closed down too as I can’t access it and there’s no need for it anymore as there’s no channel associated with it. If there’s a reply I have no idea what it is, it’s probably no though. Even though I gave them the benefit of immense doubt and used the phrase “seem” to be more reasonable, in reality they’re not reasonable at all. They’re still the same old lazy thugs they always were, removing innocent videos without reason or cause because they can! Over paid and under worked, that’s what the YouTube staff are.]

Of course the YouTube Staff are anonymous, you wouldn’t know one if you tripped over it’s drunken body lying in the street. You’d recognise Nicky the Bigot faster by his smell, considering he wears nappies as he’s a self confessed adult bed wetter, Kallmann Syndrome Support Group on Facebook, that information they didn’t delete when they removed him and most of his other comments for constantly chatting about Kallmann people supposedly being intersex!

Then there’s Gavan Coleman who regularly runs off behind my back being the “mean nasty horrible heap of putrid fucking shit he always was and always will be” He’s the nastiest moron that ever breathed oxygen! He is so fucken thick he has no idea just how much he is hated!

The below video was removed off XXY4LIFE1 Channel today, (18/12/11), for hate speech by the YouTube staff who are engaging in a vendetta against me because I complain about their diabolical activities on Google Help Forum, and force them to abide by the Rules of YouTube whenever I can.

The YouTube Staff are thugs, Gavan Coleman and his friends are thugs. This is why Gavan Coleman is still on YouTube with his peaceandparty channel, because he is supported by thugs.

The YouTube staff are grossly unprofessional. There needs to be an independent Video Ombudsman to deal with accusations of Hate Speech, as the YouTube Staff are incapable of acting within the rules of YouTube, or even common sense.

All the messages were made voluntarily by the thugs concerned. The YouTube Staff are thugs, and Gavan Coleman (peaceandparty) is the biggest thug of them all. An orchestrator of hatred.

And whilst this video was advertised on Google Help Forum as an unlisted video it was not flagged for anything. I wonder when Gavan Coleman or one of his thugs friends will flag it for something, and the YouTube staff who’ve known about it’s existence since 18/12/11, will say it’s ‘Hate Speech?”

I believe the YouTube staff just pick any old infringement to use to get rid of MY videos and other persons videos without actually watching any of them, making them lazy.

Gavan Coleman likes to pretend he’s something useful, but he’s all shit. His friends are all shit and the images in this video prove what a shit he is and what shits his friends are. And the last time this video was on YouTube Gavan Coleman flagged it for something and the YouTube staff said it was “Hate Speech.” Of course it’s not hate speech or anything but truth, and Gavan Coleman hates truth. Oh and I hate Gavan Coleman.

The first two images are where Gavan’s friend Patrick Doran copied my videos and replied as if he were me. That’s pretty despicable. That earned praise from Gavan Coleman.

Then there’s a series of images from bbrovers5, where he spammed my videos with comments, that brought about a video in support of those comments, which are clearly childish. Also YouTube did nothing to remove them, and no action was taken against Simon Green, bbrovers5.

Then there’s the message from the YouTuber formerly known as WirelessFeet detailing how he logged onto YouTube with the intention of flagging my channel out of existence, which he did do. And of Course they thug who got him involved Gavan Coleman, praised his actions.

There’s a message from DogsAreMyLife asking if Patrick Doran wants to go to my channels and flag them out of existence, which they did do. And even though I protested to YouTube nothing was done. DogsAreMyLife is now RobWillieJesse and just as stupid as ever. And all these people were enlisted to attack me by Gavan Coleman initially because I replied to his videos then because I refused to watch his videos.

Gavan Coleman is truly fucked in the head.

Then there are 3 recent messages from Gavan Coleman himself. He literally cannot go away, just piss off, he’s just not capable of anything sensible. Even though all his former friends have walked out on him, including his #1 supporter Nicky the Bigot, he still wants to keep the argument going. He literally has nothing else in his life but me, and I hate him. I’ll definitely know I’m in need of psychiatric care if I ever ask piss&pity aka peaceandparty aka Gavan Coleman for advice!

The above text is from the latest video of mine red flagged off YouTube by the YOUTUBE STAFF, as ONLY the YOUTUBE STAFF and the uploader of a video can delete ANY video. The thugs mentioned in the video would have flagged it, but it’s the job of the YOUTUBE STAFF to do as HappyCabbie says, but they’re so damn lazy, so damn dishonest, they can’t be bothered working for the money they steal off Google as salary or wages. You get the gist of what’s in that perfectly OK video by the above text, and the contents of my latest expose’ of Gavan Coleman,(peaceandparty) Simon Green, (bbrovers5) Nicky Chaleunphone, (mskamododragon) and Patrick Doran, (so many YouTube accounts even he can’t remember them all) all still alive (sadly) and operating on YouTube as the thugs they all are, in the below video.

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