Eradicating Klinefelter’s Syndrome


I want to wipe Klinefelter’s syndrome off the face of the earth!

I’ve been telling people this for years but never in text….. oh well here goes.

Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of disease.

The disease is Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis.

The cause of the disease is additional X genetic material in the testes specifically of males with the additional X genetic material, and unlike what almost (as I don’t know for certain) every other site on the internet says, that additional X material does not have to be an entire additional X chromosome.

The reason the additional X causes the disease is because it prevents the Seminiferous Tubules from being ‘porous’ and makes them incapable of growth. It also prevents mitosis, a specific type of cell division, in the testes of males with additional X genetic material, rendering such males infertile.

Preventing the disease is not possible as yet, preventing the symptoms of disease is not only possible, it’s desirable. The best way to ensure the symptoms of disease are never seen is to find boys with additional X genetic material asap, prenatally preferably, at birth, or in the last instance in childhood and certainly before the onset of puberty.

I believe every boy with additional X genetic material has the right to go through puberty unhindered as any other boy in society. Not finding boys with additional X genetic material ought to be considered a failure of the health and education systems at every instance.

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