Kallmann syndrome

Nicky the Blogger an all round nasty guy states, amongst other moronic things:

“Which is why based on the work that Elana I Rugarli did, Kallamnn’s syndrome is listed as DSD condition and an Intersex condition because she believed that their was a link to smell and reproductive development which affects the genetics and reproductive development of someone who has Kallmann’s syndrome. Which is why based on the science and the emerging science and research that is being put on PUBMED, you can see why Kallmann’s syndrome is being looked at as a DSD and an Intersex condition. Which you have to remember, back in the old days before DNA science Kallmann’s syndrome and even Klinefelter’s syndrome would not be listed as an Intersex condition. It would have been listed as another issue. Now in the age of DNA science, were now debunking old assumptions and old views on what is intersex and what isn’t intersex. Every day, you hearing more and more research coming out with new theories and new data on intersex conditions.

As for me, I am still pissed at people who attack other people for who they are.”

In defence of Kallmanns syndrome.

Firstly my on board dictionary underlines ‘Kallmann’s’ as incorrect spelling, and there’s no point in referring to “Elana I Rugarli’s” document as she makes no mention at all of the matters Nicky the Blogger asserts. There is no “emerging science” linking Kallmann syndrome as being a DSD “Disorder of Sex Development” as it clearly isn’t. The males with Kallmann syndrome have 46XY sex chromosomes and the females with Kallmann syndrome have 46XX sex chromosomes. There is no mixing of the sexes in this syndrome, they are distinct and separate.

However the last sentence I’ve quoted from this particularly obnoxious individual I find astounding. Nicky the Blogger doesn’t think he should be criticised for who he is, why not? He’s mean, he’s nasty, he’s horrible, he’s stupid, he’s a waste of space, everything he says is bullshit, he never has a decent point to make about anything he bothers to write about. It would be so much better if he simply didn’t bother at all. He’s far too lazy to study for his University courses, and actually get an education. He’s been online for at least the last 15 years doing nothing but making wild unfounded highly accomplished claims about his own deeds, and wild unfounded and slanderous accusations about other people, who are ALWAYS nowhere near where he lives.

This is Kallmann syndrome here, it’s probably 99% accurate, makes no mention of anything Nicky says, of course, and is a reasonably good read for those interested in gene mutation syndromes.

This on the other hand is the final publication of all the known 46XY sex chromosome Disorders of Sex Development, of which Kallmann syndrome is not listed.

In fact I have only met online 2 people who claim they have a DSD by having Kallmann syndrome, one Nicky and the other is a particularly disturbed young man on YouTube who appeared to me to have some serious emotional problems. He was befriended by the Nicky for a short time in 2010 or 2011 I think, but the relationship ended quite abruptly when the other party stated he was Transitioning to female.

Nicky is known to dislike intensely Transsexual people, which is quite strange as he does not have himself a medical condition that warrants him claiming he has a DSD, yet the link to all the known 46XY Disorders of Sex Development, does have Transsexualism listed as a DSD. So really Nicky’s only claim to having a DSD would be if he Transitioned himself.

The irony of it all.

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