Opposition to OII is not on principle, but on Fact.

All XXY - Not Klinefelter's syndromeI have a great deal of sympathy for people born with genital differences, that were surgically altered to fit them into the male/female binary world I live in.

I have no problem supporting any group that seeks to prevent unnecessary surgeries on infants, with no medical need to perform such ‘surgeries.’

However I do insist that if people are going to bitch about me, they at least give me a right of reply, if they’re not prepared to alter their misunderstanding of my position.

Since the early 1990’s I have made my life public knowledge in order to get XXY boys diagnosed as early as possible. I have linked educational issues that are frequently seen in boys, more often than in girls, that do assist in getting XXY boys diagnosed earlier than waiting until Klinefelter’s syndrome sets in, sometime after the onset of puberty.

Although I can’t say I’m the person who first proposed the idea, I am the person who ran with it, and promoted that there was a difference between being XXY and having Klinefelter’s syndrome. And I claim to be the ‘prime mover’ in getting Klinefelter’s syndrome support groups to include statements to the effect that Klinefelter’s syndrome and XXY are two completely separate issues. Indeed it is the additional X genetic material that causes Klinefelter’s syndrome, not the other way round, and not always for all those males with additional X genetic material.

Previous to 2011 I would have said “additional X chromosome” but in 2011 I discovered an entire additional X is not required to bring about the symptoms Klinefelter et al first described in 1942, that the 46XY karyotype CAN just as easily contain additional X genetic material, bringing about the syndrome in affected males.

This fact of the 46XY karyotype only adds to my assertion that Klinefelter’s syndrome is not an intersex condition, but the symptoms of disease.

If the symptoms of disease are treated, in every aspect the disease is seen in, what does that mean? Is it disease to have educational issues? I think so, they’re caused by the additional X genetic material in affected males. It is disease to have psychological issues? I think so, they’re caused by the additional X genetic material in affected males. Is it disease to have psychiatric issues? I think so, they’re caused by the additional X genetic material in affected males. Is it disease to have endocrine issues, I think so, they’re the first described symptoms caused by the additional X in affected males. I am unanimous with my assertions, the additional X genetic material is the cause of the diseases frequently seen in XXY males. Therefore the assertion that treating any aspect of disease as seen in individuals with the additional X genetic material, does not render the additional X meaningless, but PARAMOUNT.

Michael Noble XXY, being a former and I believe current Board member of OII Australia, wrongly asserts:

“I only made some minor changes to the paper to reflect my change of opinion that KS and XXY are two separate issues. When writing the paper, I had defended the claim that they were one in the same thing, because of the ‘smoke-screen’ tactics of Tucker and such like who were exploiting the difference to support their claim that if the physical affects of KS can be masked, then this renders the additional X chromosome as meaningless.”

Michael knowing he is wrong, knowing he is insulting, refuses to apologise or more importantly remove his ridiculous comments. Until that time there will be constant enmity between myself and Michael Noble, and OII Australia, and all other persons who wish to blindly follow that deluded fool!

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