That’s right, it’s a life sentence.

In New Zealand, if you’re born with a genetic aneuploidy, that affects every part of your life, there is no compensation.

If you’re a burglar, and you fall through a skylight, whist ‘working’ and you break your leg when you land, you get ACC (financial and medical compensation to aid your recovery and get you back to work quicker) for that. It’s only people born with genetic aneuploidy who are blamed for their misfortune of being born.

Provided you’re born with the right reproductive organs and your XX and XY chromosomes, by far the majority, then there are benefits to being born XX and XY, which is your life sentence also. No matter how much you might want to change your outward expression your chromosomes remain the same.

Of course I mustn’t complain too much, I am lucky to be here after all. 50% of all XXY pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion. The remaining 50% are subject to the whims of the mother as to whether or not they will make it to birth. All a woman in New Zealand needs to acquire an abortion is to be pregnant. The people who authorise abortions will disagree, they will claim a raft of other criteria also, but the bottom line is, if a woman’s not pregnant she can’t get an abortion.

Most foetuses in New Zealand are not genetically examined, which is probably a good thing. There’d be even less of us here if they were. Everybody wants a perfect child. Children want perfect parents too but that eventuality is by no means guaranteed just by being born, and especially in New Zealand.

I think it can be pretty much assumed that an XXY boy born to parents who don’t know he’s XXY are going to mistreat him. He’s most likely going to be different. I think most XXY boys are different. How different they are as adults will be determined by how badly they were treated as children. I suppose then there is a possibility that there MIGHT be parents who will naturally compensate for their different child, so that his difference is not so much of a handicap. Those sorts of parents are going to be pretty rare.

My observations says piss poor parenting is a feature of New Zealand society. When I make available the most educated information to a new parent in New Zealand, and she rejects major aspects of it, in favour of New Zealand ignorance, I’m fairly well convinced there is no desire for most people to learn parenting properly. If there was not an overriding desire to ignore imported knowledge, my attempts to have the woman educate herself would have succeeded.

Personally I think the New Zealand Government ought to do more to assist XXY boys, and their piss poor parents, from birth, by genetically testing all babies at birth for Barr bodies, or the inactivated X.

Female babies can have more Barr bodies than they ought to have too. Almost all females will have at least 1 Barr body. Those that have more than 1 have more than 2 X chromosomes, and females with no Barr bodies have Turner syndrome. Testing for Barr bodies is the cheapest genetic testing there is, that will find ALL XXY boys, at birth. Of course the XYY boys will not be found.

So since there’s no compensation for being born with genetic aneuploidy, why not identify those who may have difficulty earlier than the “by chance” method New Zealand has always employed?

Just saying!