Do I have a photograph of a potato peeler anywhere? I don’t think I do, but I bet I can find one!

Do I have a photograph of an index finger, no I don’t think so. Can I find one of those? Probably!

So if you really want to know what a freshly circumcised penis looks like, grab a potato peeler and peel your index finger with it!

Don’t cheat, no anesthetic, and don’t flinch, don’t run away, don’t even try, in fact just to make sure you don’t try to avoid it, have someone strap you to a bed and have that person peel your index finger. That way you’ll get he fullest sensation, in graphic detail, of what a freshly circumcised penis looks like.

Only do this if you’re so dim witted that you NEED convincing that this barbaric act, more in keeping with stone age religions, than modern medicine, is painless.

It is horrific.

The Medical Professions are Lying to You

In my post titled “I need Therapy” I included a photograph of where the epididymis was. Then I noticed today that it does not have a complete penis with it. The penis is circumcised, and it’s a drawing! So I wondered what’s going on, that image was from a medical site, and American medical site. So I thought I’d check it out, how many medical sites show the penis in it’s natural state? This is what I found: