Katie Hopkins Ltd

Can I remember how to write a page for my paid for Blog, with real money I obtained?

Katie Hopkins is a what, a celebrity, of sorts. A ‘Reality TV Contestant’ I wonder how much that pays, can anybody do it, do you need qualifications Katie Hopkins, do you have any qualifications Katie Hopkins, relevant or not to being a ‘Reality TV Contestant?’

Yes I see on Katie Hopkins’ Blog that her comments are copyright to Katie Hopkins Ltd, that’s a ‘limited liability company’ of you don’t know. I don’t know entirely what that means, but it sounds impressive. I wonder if Katie Hopkins would get all hot an blustered if a British pensioner, British Welfare recipient, a British person under 25, who was working, also wrote a blog criticising her demented viewpoint?

Oh talking about demented, Katie expects to be ‘put down‘ by whom I wonder lest they be sued by her Limited Liability Company, for exercising her demented wishes? Anyway Katie Hopkins claims that when she becomes more demented than she is now, that she wants to be ‘euthanised!’ That’s a politically correct way of saying ‘assisted murder,’ or ‘assisted suicide!’ I believe both are illegal in Britain currently?

I can be wrong, it may be legal in Britain to assist someone to death, but if it is why does she offer the The Netherlands position on Euthanasia as justification? So I think it probably isn’t legal in Britain.

I’m sure I can find plenty of people in Britain right now who’d like Katie Hopkins declared ‘demented’ tomorrow, and euthanised the next day. But then I remembered something else she said about under 25’s on Welfare, who were working, but needed rent assistance to continue living where they were. If you agree with her crap it makes sense I suppose, roughly sensible I guess. If you’ve been living in an area that has had rent increases, instead of getting rent assistance, move to a lower rental area.

You may ask how those two topics are linked? Yeah to me they stick out like dogs balls! Katie Hopkins if you can’t legally kill yourself because of your dementia in Britain, MOVE to the Netherlands, or do you never apply your demented views to yourself the same as you do to others?

You’re hypocrite bitch, you can’t get what you want in Britain so you move to where you can get it. I’m sure the Dutch will be more than happy to dispatch you to a happier place where you no longer have to deal with the worthless scum, who can’t be bothered getting out of bed to find a job, or those who attain fame, and presumably fortune, by being Reality TV Competitors!

Oh did I just put you in the same league as those you think are cluttering up the welfare system? Those lazy people who don’t want to work, in a time of high unemployment, because governments aren’t used to dealing with economic issues that cause recession! I’m sure you believe all people who are not in work, or Reality TV, are deliberately skiving their responsibility to contribute to society! I’m sure I see those bigoted narrow minded views often in times of high unemployment. Those sorts of views seem to be generated by poor economic performance, and we all want someone to blame, especially who have no, and can have no, influence. What use is a scapegoat that has a point to argue, and the means to argue it!

Those people who happen to end up living in high rent areas, or were when they were working, now have to leave their communities, to make way for people like you who have attained wealth, by even dubious means, as having money is more important than a thriving community of regular people. Yeah I just can’t see it latching on, except in the former Soviet Union, where forced transfer of persons in a particular population was deemed economically sound. What really is the difference between forcibly removing people, and taking away welfare so they have to move?

Taking swipe at the blatant sexism of YouTube

Auckland law student Olivia Ludbrock stars in her Robin Thicke parody video of the controversial song “Blurred Lines” which was recently removed from YouTube for unbelievably stupid reasons, so stupid I refuse to give them the dignity of mentioning.

This is the video it is a reply to, and we all know YouTube is about communicating by video, (well that’s what they advertise anyway) Oh no YouTube has made a change, now YouTubing is not about replying by video, oh well too bad, this is still a reply video.

no more video replies

Transsexual Empire

I’ve recently obtained a copy of Transsexual Empire by Janice Raymond and you can get your updated copy from here too:

Trans Empire

Janice Raymond’s book is essentially about how men are invading into women’s space by artificially reconstructing themselves to be female looking. Janice Raymond also asserts the same of female to male transsexuals, females invading into men’s space, but with less emphasis.

The below video is used to be titled “From 45X/46XY True Hermaphrodite with CAH to Intersex Fraudster”

Rudy Alaniz has been on YouTube for years asserting ‘she’ is a True Hermaphrodite, has Congenital Adrenal Virilising Hyperplasia, and has 45X/46XY mosaicism, and that ‘she’ is in the process of transitioning male to female. I’ve already proven ‘her’ True Hermaphrodite and 45X/46XY claims to be absolute lies. However ‘her’ claims to be in transition and to have CAH I’ve not yet proven to be false, but I think the likelihood of them being true is so close to zero they might as well be zero.

Rudy Alaniz aka Mishakailana as ‘she’ is known as on YouTube has been in transition ever since I first started on YouTube in 2008, which has to be the longest transition I have ever heard of, for a male to female transsexual. It has been so long and so little change has occurred I’m more inclined to believe these days that ‘she’ is in fact a Female Impersonator.

It appears to me that ‘radical feminists’ and persons with Disorders of Sex Development have a great deal in common when it comes to healthy males invading into spaces set aside for them. Of course persons with Disorders of Sex Development can be either male or female and can be, or not, feminists. My criticism of is of persons who pretend to be Transsexual using a medical diagnosis to justify their claims, which are in fact medically impossible.

The latest false claimant of a Disorder of Sex Development to justify transitioning to female is Chloe Prince, who pretended to be diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome, and still pretends to be diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome. However, Transsexualism is a bona fide psychiatric illness characterised by no other disorder of a sexual, or gender identity, being present.

The diagnosis is not made if the individual has a concurrent physical intersex condition (e.g., androgen insensitivity syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia) (Criteria C). In proposed changes to DSM 5 the statement is “B. The individual does not have an intersex or sexual development condition”

Therefore their claim of a medical diagnosis automatically cancels their Transsexual claim. If these people really do have the Disorders of Sex Development they claim, they would never get any Medical Insurance, or other medical surgical assistance, to transition, as they don’t qualify. If they have accessed Insurance to pay for their transition surgery, this is strong indication that they do not have a Disorder of Sex Development.

Originally I intended to debunk Janice Raymond’s book as I thought it heavily relied on information from disgraced psychologist Dr John Money, when determining at which point gender identity is established. As it happens she has as much support for his theories as many other people, not much at all.

Transsexual male to constructed female, are not female. They did not live the life of a female, with the prejudice Janice Raymond describes. They were in fact the privileged male, and then decided that they wanted what they perceive as the best of both worlds.

They tend to be males who have had their family, I’ve observed. They’re heterosexual, when the’re male attracted to females. They are reconstructed males to look like females, that makes perfect sense to me.

The motivation for their reconstruction is what Janice Raymond seeks to explain. I can’t, I can’t understand why any normal fertile man wants to emasculate himself, when he can just as easily dress up as a female, and pretend like Mishakailana, Nicky K D Chaleunphone, and Gavan Coleman.

None of these people have lived a life as a female would, and cannot possibly claim to be female as a result, yet they all do. They are all anatomical males with a Y chromosome and at least 1 X. They are also very good friends, suggesting a certain ‘copy cat’ mentality.

I can’t understand females who say they feel male, yet don’t understand why biological males they grew up with reject their transition. All the males ever knew the person as was female, how can they be expected to accept the person as male, simply because s/he says so? And why, if she feels so male, does she not understand her biological male counterparts?

Wanting to be male or female is not the same as living male or female. I tend to agree with Janice Raymond.

Politics is It?

In order to make certain all my posts to “Debate This” were deleted, I deleted them all after I unblocked a thug under the threat of being banned if I did not unblock him. I do not know if all my posts are now gone I’ve not asked, but I don’t expect any of the group owners to tell truth about anything.

This unblocked individual is the person who spammed my thread with pornography, and showed no sign of not continuing on with his childish behaviour. Indeed after he was unblocked he did continue his disruptiveness, just not so extreme as before. I didn’t see any more pornography at least. He is the same person who was banned from Facebook for 30 days. The person who claims to have signed on with another persona, and is the person who announced the banning.

In the decision to unblock him was the idea that he could be reasoned with. Others wrote to me privately saying “DO NOT UNBLOCK.” There is a substantive group on “Debate This” who are literally terrified of this thug. They want to participate in DEBATES that are devoid of his childish thuggery. Yet the owners of the group literally encourage him to assassinate debates.

Images of my children, me as a child, my partners children, were included in the “debate” no problem at all for the owners. Crude, rude, nasty comments about my children, me as a child, and my partners children, were also devoid of action by the owners. This is one of the more mild types of images I’m referring to:

Stephen Mundy of American I presume

Clearly a little boy in his mind created this compilation above.

They really wanted me to move out, but can I guarantee all my posts would go too if I just left? Nope, I needed to stick it out, to exercise my plan, that had the be kept secret to work. Do you wonder how they can cite ‘rudeness’ as a justification to remove someone?

The Post That Didn’t Make It

Since some here want to accuse me of all manner of impropriety with children, specifically boys, I will now show everyone why that is so. This won’t be above your pay scale, this is really simple.
This is one such message I received, and I think the ‘person’ who gave the me the ‘you’re banned’ message must have let it though so Amy here could leave his/her not quite intelligent comment, the caliber of which you can get used to if you regularly take part in “Debate This”

amy da bitch

So now you know why XXY boys rarely get diagnosed before adulthood, this is the type of fear non erotic sex information receives from ignorant people.
Boys usually have testicles in their scrotum at birth. Testicles grow throughout childhood and at puberty they massively increase in size, as the diagram below shows.

Testicles grow in puberty as they produce more and more testosterone, which is caused by increasing levels of a hormone called Leutenising Hormone, which is made in the Pituitary gland in the brain.

Some boys’ testes don’t grow and puberty does not begin and they can have a disease called Kallmann syndrome. If your boy gets to 14 and has not started puberty, take him to a doctor and insist on LH and FSH hormone level checks. Girls can have Kallmann syndrome too. The most obvious sign for all people with the most common form of Kallmann syndrome is anosmia, no sense of smell.

Like most other boys XXY boys start puberty sometime about age 11. Their testes do grow in response to LH from their brain, however soon after puberty’s onset their testicles atrophy, they shrink, severely, back to childhood size or less. This is caused by a disease called seminiferous tubule dysgenesis.

Whether you think your sons and daughters are progressing through puberty properly or not, I think it is important to have all teenage boys and girls examined by a doctor to make certain everything is progressing as it should.

A teenage boy with atrophied testes will not notice, nor will anyone else, as this is about sex, and sex is frowned upon by society at large. In fact I read just recently how a 16 year old teenage boy died of testicular cancer because he was taught to be ashamed of his body, in my opinion.

Is there any mature person here who wishes to have an adult discussion about any of the topics I have raised?