Parents of XXY’s

Do I talk about parents of XXY’s, no not normally.  They have their own ideas, they are interested primarily in their own child, and what they seem to forget is the same, they are only temporary caregivers.  The XXY himself will take over from them pretty damn quickly,  in just 18 years.

What can we say about most XXY’s?  Nothing, most XXY’s are never diagnosed.  What can we say about XXY’s who have been diagnosed,  lots and lots and lots.  Are they representative of all XXY’s, who knows?

Of the XXY’s who have been diagnosed, parents, we can say your son probably will have educational difficulty to some degree.  Do you want to read it? Do I give a shit?   What about XXYY’s and XXXY’s and XXXXY’s etc….?   Yes they are going to be much more severely affected.   Is your XXY son going to be like them, probably not, most unlikely in fact.

Are all XXY’s male, no they’re not, but I’m not interested in XXY females so if you want to read about them, go somewhere else.   I don’t even know where you can go, that’s how interested I am.  Do a PubMed search or something, do your own studies.

Klinefelters’ syndrome…. no I just can’t talk about XXY without mentioning Klinefelters’ syndrome.  Nobody has ever been born with Klinefelters’ syndrome.  Klinefelters’ syndrome develops sometime after the onset of puberty in every single XXY I’ve read about, and met in person EXCEPT 1.  The medical profession won’t say an XXY with normally sized and functioning testes  (balls)  is just XXY, they will say he has Klinefelters’ syndrome, even though it is a physical impossibility.   Klinefelters’ syndrome is a form of male hypogonadism  that manifests (love that word ‘manifests’) in adolescence, and it is the symptoms of the disease Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis.  So parents, your XXY son is probably going to develop Klinefelters’ syndrome eventually, it’s just not guaranteed, and it is a disease.

The one instance I know about, where the XXY man had normally sized and functioning testes,  I read in a reference in a report by Dr Shirley Ratcliffe, and he was detected because of investigations for something else. He lived in Israel and he’s probably dead by now.  But as it happened once, who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Oh that disease thing seems to be a big problem for some parents, some XXY adults too. They just can’t abide the idea that some people are indeed born with diseases.  For some reason they have to believe they or their son is  not sick.  Not all sicknesses are medical in nature, some are genetic, XXY is a genetic disease.    Some diseases are psychiatric in nature, AD/HD is a psychiatric disease and is also endemic in the XXY population.

Oh no my Website has GONE – GUTTED

But I will get over it. Hell; I got over being sterile, I’m sure I can get over losing my website, for who knows what reason?

This is my first post in ages, even after I paid for 2 YEARS of video hosting, well they gave me 1 year and I didn’t notice and paid for another year anyway,  I don’t know, if only I were more observant?

So what happened? Good question!  I have no idea. I just went by my Magix website to discover it’d been removed, and is currently “under construction”  well I don’t know if I can be bothered constructing it again, I do use rudimentary HTM code and not Magixs’ super duper web maker, maybe that’s why it was removed?

So for the QR code below, don’t go to it, it’s not there, and don’t go there for all the other times I use it in this blog!  I really can’t be bothered editing every page to remove it, and I won’t be doing that again, well  if Magix gives me a new website, I might?

QR Code Web Address

Or maybe it was one of the many ‘dick heads’ I criticise?  I can think of 1 who is prone to making outrageous statements, then claiming he’s being ‘slandered’ if he should ever be quoted!  He’s also complained that only his crackpot comments are repeated…. hello you there in la la land, why would anybody want to quote your rare, sensible, comments, where’s the fun in that?

Oh I got an answer, I didn’t log in myself enough, oh dear!

Below is my once opening paragraph to my personal website, and Magix has changed the rules for personal websites, which I think had much more to do with its removal than anything else, and I’ve added a few bits for clarity:

My personal website has disappeared, see nothing lasts forever, never mind all is not lost, this is the opening paragraph bracketed sections added for clarity:

Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of a disease in the testicles of males with some degree of additional X genetic material.

(the word ‘testicles’ doesn’t really exist, I just use it to make reading easy for those who think it does.)

If a man has some degree of that additional X genetic material in his blood, he can have none in his testicles. Such a man will not have those symptoms of disease as he won’t have the disease to begin with! Generally speaking though, XXY men are said to have Klinefelter’s syndrome, regardless of the symptoms of disease they may or may not have.

XXY pre pubertal boys are also said to have Klinefelter’s syndrome, and they clearly have NO symptoms of Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis, (the disease Klinefelters’ syndrome is the symptoms of) in teenagers and adults with some degree of that additional X genetic material.

(Testes have to mature under the influence of LH before STD can arise, therefore puberty must have initiated before the symptoms of disease can manifest. Understand that Grant LaHood of New Zealand!)

Basically an entire additional X is not required, merely a repeat sequence on their one and only X, a regular XY man has, will do. If you really don’t believe me, go and ask your doctor!

People seem to like to have a syndrome to blame for everything, Whereas I blame piss poor parenting, piss poor medical care, and piss poor knowledge of doctors, patients and parents alike, they are all to blame collectively for their own ignorance, as I am too.

So this is MY version of MY story, and if you don’t like it, you can always write your own.”

Nicky K D Chaleunphone is an IDIOT

Nicky K D Chaleunphone likes to make all manner of unfounded comments about me and what my sex is, then from time to time the little wanker manages to say something true, I am not intersex, like him I am male.

Nicky is male because he has male genitalia. I have seen pictures of his genitals, he kindly made them available, so I can say for certain he is a man. He’s not a very nice man, he’s not a very smart man, he’s not a very good looking man either, unless your eyes behold more than mine?

Nicky the Bigot

Now remember this blog is supposed to be about Kallmann syndrome, which Nicky K D Chaleunphone is supposed to have. Kallmann syndrome affects both males and females so one must ask how on earth can it be an intersex condition? Like CAH also affects both males and females, so how can that be intersex too?

Anyway, the intersex grouping of people, well it’s their business, if they want to include or exclude anybody, for any reason, it’s not really a concern of mine as I’m not intersex. The reason Nicky K D Chaleunphone hates all Transsexual people is because he is Asian. I was surprised to discover that Asian’s generally regard Transsexual people as not real men and not real women. Even though Nicky K D Chaleunphone wasn’t raised in Asia, only born in Asia, his parents were. They took with them to America their culture of hatred and raised him to hate. This is why Nicky never has a nice thing to say about anybody.

Transsexual Empire

I’ve recently obtained a copy of Transsexual Empire by Janice Raymond and you can get your updated copy from here too:

Trans Empire

Janice Raymond’s book is essentially about how men are invading into women’s space by artificially reconstructing themselves to be female looking. Janice Raymond also asserts the same of female to male transsexuals, females invading into men’s space, but with less emphasis.

The below video is used to be titled “From 45X/46XY True Hermaphrodite with CAH to Intersex Fraudster”

Rudy Alaniz has been on YouTube for years asserting ‘she’ is a True Hermaphrodite, has Congenital Adrenal Virilising Hyperplasia, and has 45X/46XY mosaicism, and that ‘she’ is in the process of transitioning male to female. I’ve already proven ‘her’ True Hermaphrodite and 45X/46XY claims to be absolute lies. However ‘her’ claims to be in transition and to have CAH I’ve not yet proven to be false, but I think the likelihood of them being true is so close to zero they might as well be zero.

Rudy Alaniz aka Mishakailana as ‘she’ is known as on YouTube has been in transition ever since I first started on YouTube in 2008, which has to be the longest transition I have ever heard of, for a male to female transsexual. It has been so long and so little change has occurred I’m more inclined to believe these days that ‘she’ is in fact a Female Impersonator.

It appears to me that ‘radical feminists’ and persons with Disorders of Sex Development have a great deal in common when it comes to healthy males invading into spaces set aside for them. Of course persons with Disorders of Sex Development can be either male or female and can be, or not, feminists. My criticism of is of persons who pretend to be Transsexual using a medical diagnosis to justify their claims, which are in fact medically impossible.

The latest false claimant of a Disorder of Sex Development to justify transitioning to female is Chloe Prince, who pretended to be diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome, and still pretends to be diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome. However, Transsexualism is a bona fide psychiatric illness characterised by no other disorder of a sexual, or gender identity, being present.

The diagnosis is not made if the individual has a concurrent physical intersex condition (e.g., androgen insensitivity syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia) (Criteria C). In proposed changes to DSM 5 the statement is “B. The individual does not have an intersex or sexual development condition”

Therefore their claim of a medical diagnosis automatically cancels their Transsexual claim. If these people really do have the Disorders of Sex Development they claim, they would never get any Medical Insurance, or other medical surgical assistance, to transition, as they don’t qualify. If they have accessed Insurance to pay for their transition surgery, this is strong indication that they do not have a Disorder of Sex Development.

Originally I intended to debunk Janice Raymond’s book as I thought it heavily relied on information from disgraced psychologist Dr John Money, when determining at which point gender identity is established. As it happens she has as much support for his theories as many other people, not much at all.

Transsexual male to constructed female, are not female. They did not live the life of a female, with the prejudice Janice Raymond describes. They were in fact the privileged male, and then decided that they wanted what they perceive as the best of both worlds.

They tend to be males who have had their family, I’ve observed. They’re heterosexual, when the’re male attracted to females. They are reconstructed males to look like females, that makes perfect sense to me.

The motivation for their reconstruction is what Janice Raymond seeks to explain. I can’t, I can’t understand why any normal fertile man wants to emasculate himself, when he can just as easily dress up as a female, and pretend like Mishakailana, Nicky K D Chaleunphone, and Gavan Coleman.

None of these people have lived a life as a female would, and cannot possibly claim to be female as a result, yet they all do. They are all anatomical males with a Y chromosome and at least 1 X. They are also very good friends, suggesting a certain ‘copy cat’ mentality.

I can’t understand females who say they feel male, yet don’t understand why biological males they grew up with reject their transition. All the males ever knew the person as was female, how can they be expected to accept the person as male, simply because s/he says so? And why, if she feels so male, does she not understand her biological male counterparts?

Wanting to be male or female is not the same as living male or female. I tend to agree with Janice Raymond.

Politics is It?

In order to make certain all my posts to “Debate This” were deleted, I deleted them all after I unblocked a thug under the threat of being banned if I did not unblock him. I do not know if all my posts are now gone I’ve not asked, but I don’t expect any of the group owners to tell truth about anything.

This unblocked individual is the person who spammed my thread with pornography, and showed no sign of not continuing on with his childish behaviour. Indeed after he was unblocked he did continue his disruptiveness, just not so extreme as before. I didn’t see any more pornography at least. He is the same person who was banned from Facebook for 30 days. The person who claims to have signed on with another persona, and is the person who announced the banning.

In the decision to unblock him was the idea that he could be reasoned with. Others wrote to me privately saying “DO NOT UNBLOCK.” There is a substantive group on “Debate This” who are literally terrified of this thug. They want to participate in DEBATES that are devoid of his childish thuggery. Yet the owners of the group literally encourage him to assassinate debates.

Images of my children, me as a child, my partners children, were included in the “debate” no problem at all for the owners. Crude, rude, nasty comments about my children, me as a child, and my partners children, were also devoid of action by the owners. This is one of the more mild types of images I’m referring to:

Stephen Mundy of American I presume

Clearly a little boy in his mind created this compilation above.

They really wanted me to move out, but can I guarantee all my posts would go too if I just left? Nope, I needed to stick it out, to exercise my plan, that had the be kept secret to work. Do you wonder how they can cite ‘rudeness’ as a justification to remove someone?

Debating Group?

Masturbating group more like!

Edit added 6 August 2013
Received just now, 2:40pm New Zealand time. You can of course read that I named nobody, nor did I name the group itself, but when dealing with a bully group this is what you can expect:

“Michelle Milenko
You have been removed from Debate This for a violation of the rules. DT has found that your blog about Jess Rawk’s College Fund was uncalled for and rude. The rule that clearly states “what happens on DT, Stays on DT” was violated. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

They don’t have a rule about bullying, they sell the right to bully people into submission. I believe they are children playing games.


Yes I found a group on Facebook that is designed for debating, that’s the idea you get when you look into it. Of course there are rules for the group, that everybody’s supposed to abide by, and of course not all groups run smoothly.

However this particular group I found has a secret rule – SECRET RULE! How can a group have a secret rule that is not discovered until you exercise a right all Facebook participants have, the right to block bullies and thugs. In the public rules you’re not allowed to block the Administrators of the Group, that seems fair enough, provided they don’t become bullies and thugs.

Ahh but the secret rule allows the Administrators to become just that, bullies by proxy. Yeah brilliant I suppose, if you’re bullies or thugs, or American’s or whatever! So in this ‘debating club’ one of the Administrators sold the right to bully other ‘debaters’ whenever he feels the need, which tends to be when the owner of the permission, called a ‘kick card’, chooses to exercise it, such as when the bully deliberately assassinates a debate by posting numerous pornographic images into a thread. Everybody participating has to just go along with this behaviour, and is forced to view pornography or anything else the bully wants to push people round with.

The Administrators do absolutely nothing of course, they’ve already tied their own hands behind their back by selling the thug the right to do this. Even if they don’t like it, they can do nothing about it, officially.

If you happen to be the originator of the thread and you can’t stop him from being disruptive like an out of control child, with untreated AD/HD, in a primary school class room, you can of course block him in the real Facebook world. It’s desperate action for a desperate situation, that was foisted upon one by an outright total fool, and a diabolically stupid, money inspired, decision.

The only reason such a fool would even attempt such a stupid act can be that he knows, or is fairly certain, he can’t be disciplined by any rule, or Administrator, officially. He will continue to be a complete total arsehole, as he bought the right to be a complete total arsehole!

Then when you do take the only course of action open, to ensure debate continues, the arsehole invokes his secret right that was purchased. The right to have the person who blocked him thrown out of the group, why it is called a ‘kick card.’

Today I discover that the thug has been banned from Facebook for 30 days. Another poster, who may be an Administrator, I have no idea, declared he was reported for something. This person knows a lot but doesn’t know the reason for the banning, which is odd as he claims to know who did the reporting, and has named that person. I can’t understand how someone who is not an Administrator can know that someone has been banned, and who reported him, but not the reason for the complaint.

I conclude the Administrators made the complaint, as they regret the power they sold to the thug and have finally realised the error they have made. They can’t possibly admit they were the ones who made the complaint as their own rules state posts cannot be reported, another gross error of judgement.

Time will be the judge of whether these people have learned how to properly run a Debating Group. It may be interesting to simply sit back and watch, provided of course that I’m not banned by another thug exercising a ‘kick card’ that was purchased?

A Message for Chloe Prince

See here:

FSH, LH, AMH, and inhibin B levels were normal in prepubertal patients and became abnormal from midpuberty.

That statistic refers to 100% of the patients in the report, of 98 individuals with Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy including at least 1 Y chromosome, aka males with Klinefelter’s syndrome, titled “Clinical Presentation of Klinefelter’s Syndrome: Differences According to Age.”

All the patients were sent to a pediatric or adult Endocrinologist because of various symptoms, including these:


The age distribution of all patients were:


The karyotypes found in the 98 patients studied were:


All patients showed signs of Klinefelter’s syndrome from mid puberty and all patients were, and are, infertile.

Chloe Prince claims to have been diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome as a result of Anaphylaxis a symptom not reported here. She also claim to be the genetic father of her two children.

I think Chloe Prince should make herself available for scientific evaluation, or at least her medical records available, so we all can gain a better understanding of how initial signs of Klinefelter’s syndrome can develop in an adult male, with gender dysphoria.