Taking the Bait

Who the hell does Gavan Coleman think he is? A person who trolls around YouTube befriending teenage boys specifically to harass and intimidate other people.

Sounds like a plan, to prove yourself an idiot. Why does this lunatic think the support of teenage boys is worth anything? Are teenage girls less pliable or does he not approach them at all? He has said on video that he’s afraid of forming healthy sexual relationships because of his supposed intersexedness. He has male genitals, so I suppose it must be something in his head that causes him to think people will notice his unusual genitalia, that are normal, and reject him.

There’s a channel on YouTube called The Interface Project – they’ve had videos on line for a while but recently they deleted them all and re-uploaded them again on the same day. There are some familiar faces there, Eden Atwood, Cheryl Chase, Jim Bruce a few others, but Gavan Coleman isn’t one of them. Why not? He’s constantly online, has been for many years, but is not associated with any formal group.

Of course I have noticed that to be associated with Gavan one has to keep telling him how great he is. It does get a bit boring after a while, after the first time that is. Well I found that anyway. He doesn’t want a critical appraisal of his ‘work’ he wants ‘yes men’ (or teenage boys). To quote one long time ‘friend’ of his, “I agree with you, as always.” He wants people with pliable non analytical minds, people who don’t think before they act are ideal for his needs, which are to be constantly praised, regardless of the content of his material.

Is Gavan Coleman the product of a modern education system, where to tell children they’re not right, or got it wrong, is deemed bad because it might hurt their precious little feelings? Or is Gavan Coleman simply a paranoid, delusional, narcissistic, control freak? I tend toward the latter.

Gavan Coleman is probably the worst ‘professional’ musician I have ever heard. What he calls ‘music’ I call NOISE! I made the mistake one time of making a comment on one of his noise videos, and I can remember exactly what it was, and I can remember exactly his response, as it was simply so unexpected. It was more than childish, it was demented! Oh you wonder what I said? It was “Not your best work Gavan.”

Gavan Coleman thinks everything he does is his ‘best work.’ That’s why he produces so much crap. If his following actually had money, and wanted to support his noise with financial praise, that would be different. I still wouldn’t like his noise, I don’t follow trends, I follow talent. Gavan has no talent, there’s nothing to follow. But his band of teenage boy followers, who have no money, are still at high school, and I’m certain do not understand they’re just his latest puppets. He has as much respect for them as a dog does for the vomit it re-eats. This is just to give you a visual concept of what Gavan regards as ‘true friends.’

As you can see this post is titled “Taking the Bait.” Gavan Coleman wants me to make videos specifically about his latest series of diabolically cruel and sadistic comments about me. If he wasn’t so old I’d call him a ‘sick little boy.’ Of course I have those comments copied and I can make videos with them, but why give that lunatic what he wants?

Gavan’s idea is that he can claim he’s being harassed, and stalked, and bullied, like Nicky the Bigot does. If quoting what Nicky the Bigot says shuts him up, I’m happy. Will it work with Gavan Coleman? Probably not. Gavan is addicted to be seen as a victim. He is completely self absorbed. It’s probably a good thing he’s afraid of sexual relationships, if he actually met a fertile person who wanted a family, he’d have to put the child/children first, someone before himself, that would be tantamount to sacrilegious!

Gavan Coleman is a sick puppy, no doubt about it. So I’m giving him what he wants, a page all about him, not a video, sorry Gavan, you’ll just have to learn to keep your big mouth shut. What you don’t plan on is that everybody you approach with your lies about me, does not take your advice, to not inform me of what you said. It has been happening for years – you think people are in your back pocket, and they’re not, they don’t like you, they put up with you. They know that you will do to them what you’ve been doing to me as well. It’s called ‘self preservation’ Gavan.

So you really don’t know who is in your tight little circle who you can trust Gavan. That’s right someone is spilling the beans, and you’re out of control of your group. I’ve not quoted a single word you said, not 1 screen shot that you can drawl over, doing that is just feeding your illness. You love people making your outrageous comments public, and you think in your fucked up little mind that this is glory to you. I don’t need to tell you to think whatever you like, I know you do it anyway.

Are you satisfied, have I met your needs?