Surgery – Prostheses

It’s amazing, some people criticise endlessly. Oh well ‘nothing ventured nothing gained‘ I read somewhere.


That’s a nice diagram, at least it’s got a foreskin. That testicle is about right, I think? Not only my teeth are artificial. I don’t know what real balls look like on me, I don’t think I ever had fully mature testes. I don’t think most people know how big they’re supposed to be. If you listen to AC/DC or Jerry Lee Lewis you might get an idea?

If only it was that fast! It took years to get that result, and two main surgeries, one of which was a complete waste of time, effort, and pain! When you’re 12 and you have your balls fiddled with by a doctor you remember it, and when you’re 19 and have them surgically ‘fiddled’ with you not only remember it, you feel it. Having genital surgery is painful, really painful!

This is an extract from a report I publicise:

Testicular implantsThat extract is from Klinefelter’s syndrome: The Need for Early Identification and Treatment

If you want to get a copy of it, read below:

need for early 01

So there you have it, from even before 1991 XXY guys have been getting their lives in order with corrective surgery. I don’t know how SS got on in life after his initial therapy, I hope he did alright?

I also don’t know if his prosthetic testes were satisfactory?

I do know my first set weren’t. They were terrible.


When I talk about my diagnosis, I don’t make anything up, I’m not recounting an unusual event, the truth will do. I think that adds credibility to what I say. Others who have unusual accounts offer no evidence.

I have good scrotal and penile development but that doesn’t mean to say everybody who was a doctor I met thought so, nor does it mean those who also thought so agreed there was anything amiss.

The first Junior doctor I saw for my first set of prostheses said “There’s nothing wrong with him.” after examining me. His boss, the Surgeon, on the other hand said “Don’t be so bloody stupid!”

When I was 19 I looked 15, and the Junior doctor didn’t know how old I was, or he thought I was just at the start of puberty, I think? I still looked 15 in my 20’s. Looking too young was a major problem in my life. I quite like getting old, like my peers. It’s taken a long time to catch up.

That’s all about too little testosterone. So all the XXY guys who claim they were given very large doses of testosterone, and stayed looking much younger than what they were, yeah they’re going to have come up with documentation to prove it. Taking an XXY guy at his word, without independent corroboration, is fraught with difficulty.

I can’t seem to locate the letter by John discussing my first set of prostheses with my then G.P. Basically he was saying the results were ‘technically accurate’ but then he didn’t have to wear them! My natural testes were sewn up to the top of my scrotum, and the first set were left to occupy the rest of it. I presume they were anchored in some way?

However, having two pair of balls in a well developed but not exactly big scrotum was difficult. They would regularly ram my testes. I was kicking myself in the balls by doing every day normal things, like sitting down or standing up, or riding my bike, just like it was when I was a kid! Why is it that boys bikes have that badly placed bar right where their balls are when they dismount? What fool designed that!

I’m sure you can imagine the difficulty. SS on the other hand had both his testes removed, before his prostheses were inserted. In New Zealand that’s not how they do it. In New Zealand if you want ‘big balls’ because your natural testes have atrophied, you have to have two pair as the only way you’re going to get the testes removed is with your partner’s consent, and if you don’t have a partner, you’re screwed!

The below letter confirms I did really have 2 pair of balls, just in case you don’t believe me?


And this letter confirms the absolutely bizarre nature of my appearance.