DSD Debates…….2012 in Review

I was popping by YouTube yesterday (14/12/12) looking for a particular video, finding it I discovered a series of nasty comments by a miserable moron. Of course I’m never going to be polite about that fool who lies about everything, and anything. I think he sees truth as something that can be manipulated, rather than something that he can actually speak, or type, or think. So I replied, why not, it’s not like he can receive the information as it was said, or remember a single nasty thing he ever did, or if he can see it as nasty, that’s how screwed up his brain is.

Why are there so few normal people involved in the DSD debates? Normal people with normal everyday type accounts of their relatively normal lives? Transsexual people want to come up with outrageous stories of how they came to be, as if the weirdness of Transsexualism isn’t enough! I am certain no normal person can understand why someone born with perfectly normal looking genitals can have them reconstituted to something completely different, like would you? It’s one thing to accept that transsexuals are there, even be friends with them, but it’s something entirely different to understand why they do what they do. In my opinion.

There are people with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a very hard to understand DSD that involves over expression prenatally of adrenal hormones, in various different ways. Most males and females with CAH have no ambiguity of their genitalia and cannot be described with any words that suggests they do. It is just as ridiculous for people with CAH and ambiguity of their genitalia to say all people with CAH are the same as them, as it is for all the CAH people with no ambiguity to say all with CAH are like them. Oh and the over expression of adrenal hormones continues in post-natal life, and can be life threatening. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia is a very serious disease.

Then there’s the sex chromosome abnormalities, and diseases under the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) umbrella. These people are females mostly, have XY sex chromosomes, are infertile. Strangely, it’s just really weird, these people do not grow up thinking they’re really male. Why is it that way, why are AIS women so normal compared to some other SCA’s where the owners are so abnormal, thinking the weirdest things about their sex, when a damn near blind man on a speeding steed, glimpses them pissing behind a tree can see they’re male, but they can’t, and they’re not Transsexuals, they’re XXY guys! And do you know women with Turner syndrome (X0) can just as easily have a missing Y chromosome as a missing X, but they can see the reality of their sex, just by looking, unlike some XXY guys who seem to suffer ‘genital blindness.’ Or is that just plain ‘bloody mindedness?’

That video I mentioned to start with, it seems to have changed! I know my memory is shocking so it may not have? Then again, it is about XXY/KS and surprisingly my memory of those matters is keyed in permanently to remembering. So the videos description no longer mentions Chris Somers, the XXY guy who claims to have ovaries. I need proof of that, that’s so unusual, really really weird. When I first saw him on an Australian documentary programme he was talking about having Klinefelter’s syndrome, he had a really long beard – so he must have been taking testosterone therapy – and he was grizzling about how his fiancee had recently left him because he was infertile. What a bastard, 2 ovaries and 2 testes and none of them function! Of course I don’t believe he’s got any ovaries, his hormone therapy would definitely screw them over!

So the video doesn’t mention him anymore in the description, I guess it’s easier to distance himself from his real testes that he describes in that video, than it is to distance himself from his imaginary ovaries that he refers to in his thesis. There are just so many weird people in the DSD debates! What I really ought to do is go to Antarctica myself and plant a New Zealand flag on behalf of all Australians, that’ll get their hackles up. How dare I assume to represent all Australians without even asking, and with a New Zealand flag of all things! But that’s what Chris Somers did, claiming to represent all XXY people he planted his flag that represents himself, on behalf all XXY’s without asking. What a feat to travel to Antarctica, what a waste of effort to do so representing people he doesn’t even know. How presumptuous!

And all these funny people who don’t know what sex they are get involved in support organisations that assist people who really do have genuine concerns about their sex, but refuse to acknowledge they do have any medical condition at all. They think in their weird minds that what their illness causes is a natural representation of human. They definitely do not like the idea that the medical profession has labelled them as having a disease, even though they do have a disease and can’t be with the label they prefer without a disease. Their chosen label is as indicative of disease as any other label, so why bitch and moan about the label?

Then when the stories of all the leaders of these support groups are examined for accuracy or truthfulness, they all come up short. It’s just amazing how they expect greater protection from discrimination, and lie to obtain it. I fail to see how someone born with CAH or AIS, two completely different medical conditions, can equally be discriminated against? How can they be discriminated against at all, I’m buggered of I know, and I have asked, and apart from their medical conditions not being mentioned in legislation, there is no way they can be discriminated against. Their claims are all hot air, smoke and mirrors, and total untruths. Their female Chairperson at the moment made a YouTube video declaring she went to a gynecologist, pardon? A gynecologist, why does a woman go to see a gynecologist if she’s not sick? And the discussion was about a feature of her body, her genitals. The current chairperson of this group has a medical condition that requires ongoing medical care that affects the presentation of her genitals, which is NORMAL, yeah right! The only people who require ongoing medical care throughout their lives are those with chronic conditions.

Mani Mitchell’s an interesting person. She’s from New Zealand, and she even came to one of our AGM’s once. I invited her. She came along, met all the guys briefly, then after her talk she had to go. Were there just too many normal people there, she does seem to want to hang around with some pretty weird people. I’ve never heard of her talking about the XXY and XY/XXY and XXXY and XXYY guys she met in person, but often refers to the one XXY guy she discovered in San Francisco, he’s special, we’re not! From my understanding we did have 2 gay guys there at our AGM, and they all described themselves as men, and boys, you know males basically. Does Mani just not want to admit that most XXY guys see themselves as they really are, male? And Mani, back then she had no facial hair like she does now. I guess she’s metamorphosing to be a better fit to the world of the outwardly unusual? I did ask Mani what condition she had that caused her to originally at birth be thought of as male, and then had her sex changed to female, but she side stepped the question.

Mani didn’t report having had any surgery until 2002, prior to then her sex was changed after 1 year of being assigned male, on paper. As time has progressed she has let more information come to light. In one account she says her mother was told at her birth “Oh my god it’s a Hermaphrodite” but I’m tending away from believing that account as there’s no reason for her to have been assigned male, then a year later changed to female, from Hermaphroditism. Immediate investigations would have taken place, and there’d be no year of waiting. In the above video Mani claims to have had sex changing surgery at age 8, which kind of throws her other statements about herself into doubt. If a child is a hermaphrodite, known at birth, sent home for a whole year, then her sex is reassigned female, then 7 years later surgery is performed, come on, give the truth a break! To me it makes no sense at all.

Most of the stuff she talks about now she knew in 1993/4 whenever our AGM was, but refused to talk about it. I think there’s a certain amount of fabrication going on here, and with nobody to verify her new account as both her parents are dead, it would be easy to fashion a few things to fit, here and there. I have no doubt she was born with masculinised genitalia, but she was no hermaphrodite as hermaphroditism is, and was then, a bona fide medical condition that would have attracted a great deal of investigation, and sex would have been accurately assigned soon after birth, and if surgery was required it would gave been performed then. The mistake of course was that she was lied to for years about the truth of her birth, well that was her original story anyway. Then she only discovered later in life, about age 40, that she was originally called Bruce. I don’t know what her karyotype is, she’s never mentioned it, and I have no idea if she fertile or not.

And my story, it’s online, it never changes, the past can’t be undone, and it can’t be reinvented either. Truth is truth. There are a few things I don’t have records of as the records were destroyed before I was old enough to obtain them on my own account, which is a drag! But I press on, doing my best to inform people of truths about XXY guys and Klinefelter’s syndrome, that most of them seem to suffer from, in varying degrees. And here is my latest video detailing what anybody can expect to see in any male person, in his mid 50’s. I make no presences at all, I look, sound and are male. Those who have problems with how XXY males really are should go and see themselves a psychiatrist to acquire acceptance. A real XXY guy, all male, nothing inter about my sex.

Chris Somers’ Thesis

I had to go to Wikipedia about the meaning of “Thesis” after reading some of Chris’s ‘thesis’ wondering if a fantasy essay could be described as a “thesis” and it can be! I wrote to Chris on Facebook and asked if he has medical proof of his ovaries, he claims in his “thesis” that he has, so far he’s not replied. It appears his “thesis” is an autobiography, I didn’t know one could get a degree by writing an autobiography, but for a Western Australian university it appears one can do just that.

I haven’t got very far through it, I was just stunned to read of his ovaries, that he could hear! Is that “poetic license” or “magical thinking?” I have never read anywhere of an XXY man having ovaries, so his confirmation of having actual ovaries will be a first, if he does actually have medical evidence of these ovaries? I’m not sure if those reading his “thesis” bothered to check the finer details, but it’s supposed to be part of a research document, to satisfy the requirements I understand to be the point of a ‘thesis’ in order to gain a degree.

According to standard medical literature a True Hermaphrodite has “ovarian and testicular tissue in the same or opposite gonads.” That definition would then make Chris a True Hermaphrodite, and I have never read or heard of an XXY man being a True Hermaphrodite. So getting confirmation of his claims would be a medical first, so far as I know. And when I’m dealing with an XXY guy especially I do not just accept his word, for anything. I always check things out.

Such as recently I was approached by a New Zealand XXY guy who claimed to be taking 120mgs testosterone by capsule twice per day, making a total of 180mgs testosterone per day. As soon as I saw the amounts I knew he was mistaken, the product he takes is in 40mgs capsules, and 40 does not divide evenly into 180. Someone had made a mistake. What he was actually taking was 120mgs (3 capsules) twice per day, making a total of 240mgs per day. That is a very high dose. But still he insisted he was told he was taking 180mgs per day. Since it is impossible to cut one of the capsules in half, and even if he did the taste would definitely put him off ever doing it again, it was obvious he was not taking the 180mgs dose he claimed. He was taking much more. But because he thinks he was told something, he believed that’s what he was taking.

In the literature XXY males frequently suffer from auditory processing problems. For some reason some XXY men, if not all XXY men, think that testosterone is a cure-all for all their maladies, when it is not. Testosterone only treats hypogonadism. Auditory processing problems will need to go to a language specialist of some kind, or not be treated at all I expect. I attempted to explain to the fellow this feature of being XXY, as it clearly has nothing to do with Klinefelter’s syndrome as it doesn’t respond to the standard treatment for male hypogonadism, testosterone. I think he now understands what he thought the doctor said, wasn’t what the doctor meant, even if the doctor did actually say it?

I wonder if Chris’s ovaries are of the same origin? That is what he thought he heard, therefore that is what he did hear? That is what he tells people but can he back it up?

To be continued……