Welfare Myth Three – The Poor Don’t Pay Taxes

The very wealthy usually don’t like paying tax as they see their wealth as being derived from their own efforts, whereas other people who have less money can’t possibly have what they have from their own efforts too.

Think how much money the governments could save if they didn’t have to hire so many people to administer recovery of taxes. Think how much more they can save by taxing only high earners? Conservative style governments give tax breaks to those who’re likely to vote for them. Why not make it official and not tax the income of very low earners?

Then the government can talk about, and to, ‘income tax payers’ as those without more than the basics cannot be considered to be making money when they spend all they get on surviving, who in my system won’t be paying any income tax at all. Then the arguments will be all about what level of income constitutes a living wage, where savings can be derived? Hopefully the government will have to prove the level they set. We can’t ave people earning a very low income, just high enough to cause them to pay tax.

People who qualify for income tax must be comfortable, so that they won’t notice the tax they’re paying, and won’t think they’re driven to despair by some draconian system designed to drive them to the wall! How can they possibly help others share in the comfort they have achieved if they’re taxed ’till it hurts?
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