Taking swipe at the blatant sexism of YouTube

Auckland law student Olivia Ludbrock stars in her Robin Thicke parody video of the controversial song “Blurred Lines” which was recently removed from YouTube for unbelievably stupid reasons, so stupid I refuse to give them the dignity of mentioning.

This is the video it is a reply to, and we all know YouTube is about communicating by video, (well that’s what they advertise anyway) Oh no YouTube has made a change, now YouTubing is not about replying by video, oh well too bad, this is still a reply video.

no more video replies

The Bullies who are the YouTube staff

Yeup that’s right, and let’s not forget Anmoose “Mr fixit with lies” the anonymous supposed ‘helper’ when his beloved YouTube staff mates get caught with their pants down. I have never seen that ‘guy’ ever agree that an obviously wrong decision by the YouTube staff was “wrong.”

This Blog was shut down twice by the YouTube staff since it’s been running. The first time they took 65 complaints of a certain type to trigger an automatic shut down. The last time it was 41 complaints, I asked WordPress if the next time will only take 18 complaints? I didn’t get a reply to that question.

This video was removed by the YouTube staff for Hate Speech:

I’m certain though the length of time the reinstatement took had more to do with the content of this blog itself, the real content, the particular images I used, that I can prove I got from YouTube and Google links. But the YouTube staff don’t like admitting they use a different standard for my content than anybody elses content. I have to abide by rules that literally change daily, person by person. YouTube is run by thugs, by people who have no integrity, no ethics, they are literally intellectual morons.

As I said one other time, even if you tripped over the dead rotting corpse of a YouTube employee you’d not know it, they’re aware they’re so demented they can’t possibly make themselves publicly known, and they sure as the shit that’s attracted to their filthy bodies, know they don’t make right decisions as they’re professional thugs. They hate Freedom of Expression, EXCEPT when their supported thug users on YouTube, and they do it. They are absolute total scum.

If my complaints to Google Help Forums were all ‘pie in the sky hot air’ why would the YouTube staff pay me so much careful attention? Why are silent videos removed supposedly for ‘hate speech?’ Why are videos laughing at person criticising me deemed ‘hate speech’ when they consist of only his words, but his words posted by him on YouTube are not ‘hate speech?’

I can only think of one answer, I cause those lazy bastards to be disciplined, maybe even fired? They hurt badly when I point out their hypocrisy, and when they lose arguments with non YouTube sites like WordPress. Just today I advertised my blog, this blog, on Google where Anmoose decided to step in for his/her YouTube employee friends, trying to convince me what s/he says is true! What a pathetic dope! Anmoose pops in every time his/her mates get exposed for what they are! So what happens here, oh suddenly more visits than from days before, that’s pretty quick thugs, try not to crush yourselves to death in the rush to get here! Actually no, DO crush yourselves to death!

I have received a message from the YouTube staff on the Google Forums that I’m to be their ‘scapegoat.’ A scapegoat, otherwise known as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ is required when the powers that be, KNOW their activities are immoral, deceitful, possibly illegal, mean and nasty. Being a ‘scapegoat’ is all the evidence I need to prove all that I say is 100% true. The YouTube staff are lazy good for nothing bastards!

Gavan Coleman the thug the YouTube staff have been supporting and encouraging for years, hates his outrageous comments being made more public, since he makes them in the public realm anyway. If I were a Muslim and somebody made a video about Allah, the YouTube staff would allow it under the terms of ‘Freedom of Speech.’ But if Gavan Coleman were a Muslim and I made a video about Allah the YouTube staff would remove it under the terms of ‘Hate Speech.’ That is the blatant hypocrisy of the YouTube staff.

As for Gavan Coleman, who’s name is mentioned on video on YouTube, here, he claims to be ‘intersex’ and supports silly notions along that spectrum that all XXY males are ‘intersex.’ So him criticising me for asking American teenage boys to be more thoughtful of XXY boys who develop gynaecomastia, would not go down very well with his ‘intersex’ supporters. Gavan would definitely be seen as the hypocritical thug I know him well to be, by anybody else viewing his diabolical comments.

Diabolical Coleman
So by way of inactivity the YouTube staff support harassment of all XXY boys who develop gynaecomastia, and Gavan Coleman the so called ‘intersex’ man who likes to laugh at my naked body, but refuses to let me comment where he laughs. I have disagreements with YouTube and with Gavan Coleman and even though they probably don’t have any direct contact with one another, by the inaction of the YouTube staff, he and they are co-conspirators in harassment.

This is the comment Gavan Coleman replied to:

Sensible comment

So obviously Gavan Coleman does not want the below video seen, and by that inaction I mentioned above the YouTube staff have decided to support him, by claiming the video breaches something, what I wonder? And now the Vimeo staff have deemed the same video breaches their rules too, meaning, I can be attacked but I’m not allowed to reply, which seems awfully unfair to me.

What about you?

“So this is the latest Video the YouTube staff have deemed ‘inappropriate.’ That’s the anonymous, nameless, faceless, gutless, useless, lazy, bastard, YouTube staff. Never ever believe your enemies on YouTube remove your videos, only 2 people can remove a video, the owner of it, and the YouTube staff.”

It should be our CHOICE

I made this post as on Facebook a woman from somewhere said most American women don’t know what an uncircumcised penis looks like. I might be able to believe that too! I have the Kinsey New Report on Sex from a few years ago, and there are images in that of uncircumcised adult penises, and they don’t look anything like what an uncircumcised penis does actually look like. The artist simply doesn’t know, has never seen a penis whole to draw an accurate picture of. So this blog is a very good way to show American women what an uncircumcised penis really does look like from childhood to adulthood. So complaining about this blog’s images is ridiculous, how dumb do you people want to be, and how dumb do you want everybody else to be?

There are naked, nude, bare, unclothed, true to form, images of male and female genitals here, and I encourage you all to study them, carefully. If this is your first read, don’t be shocked – unless it’s your image I’m using. 🙂 Frankly though if you’re an American woman, I’m told you wouldn’t know what even your own partners genitals look like, so won’t know whose picture I’m using!

This blog post gets right up the nose of the YouTube staff, I have had videos removed by the YouTube staff for incorporating images like those shown in the below video. It’s not just that the very same images, in the very same context, are uploaded by other people to YouTube, but that as my videos were removed then I thought it appropriate that all the others be removed also, so I flagged them, and they’re all still there, on YouTube. I should change the name of my blog to “The YouTube staff are a bunch of bastards” as they require of me compliance to rules they do not impose on anybody else. If you watch this video all the way though you will find moving pictures just like the still images I use here:

And for those weirdo’s on Google Help Forum and Google+ the above video shows very young children, completely naked, full frontal, genitals clearly visible, so what the FUCK are you talking about?
There is also a teenage boy in the video having a fully erect penis, granted filmed with a heat sensitive camera, but it’s still pretty obvious it’s a teenage boy having an erection of his penis.

Then when I shared this page with the YouTube staff this blog was shut down for 4 days, FOUR DAYS! Apparently for breaching the advertising rules and ‘Terms of Service’ of WordPress. It was’t just an automatic reaction to a certain type of complaint, there was much more to it than that, and I made a video detailing what I believe is the true reason for it’s closure. You can watch it here if you’re so inclined?

Not 1 Step Back – WordPress from Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.


A normal penis, in its entirety at the cusp of puberty.

There should be so much affinity between groups opposing infant genital cutting, but alas there isn’t. There just can’t be. Some of the others are of the religions & cultures that support the cutting, and they were cut themselves. If they know what sex the child is, if the child is male, if the child has a foreskin, then chopping the flesh shorter or off is normal human behaviour, that the ‘intersex’ lobbyists support, even if simply by way of ignoring the topic.

The site I found this image at refer to this as an "Ambiguity."   I must be dim, it looks like a clitoris to me!

The site I found this image at refers to this as an “Ambiguity.” I must be dim, it looks like a clitoris to me!

So if a child is female and her clitoris is deemed ‘too long’ shortening it is just common sense, right? I mean we just can’t have females out there with clitorises challenging the domain of the penis, can we, no of course not! What a silly suggestion, a clitoris as long as a penis, what a will they think of next?

apparently this is good looking?

A partially severed penis

Oh I just saw something horrific, the baby screams throughout, (can I even recall it without throwing up?) I’ll try my best. There’s a religion out there that regards it as a right to cut part of a boys penis off, within 8 days of birth, and some of the adherents to this butchery actually suck the severed end of the penis to dispose of the blood.

Literally just thinking about the process makes me feel sick. What sense of right exists in the mind of the man (as it’s never a woman) who does this? I find it mind boggling to understand how the proponents of this barbarism can defend it. This is ‘culture shock’ to me! According to the description of the link above this practice is “misunderstood” – it seem the adherents are also ‘masters of the UNDERSTATEMENT.’ This is beyond reason, this cannot be understood!

So those of us who are intact don’t we have a good looking penis. I’m told most American women have never seen an intact penis, and wouldn’t know what one looked like to judge. Is that another stupid idea? I can’t understand how most American woman aren’t curious as to what an intact penis looks like. I think my penis with its foreskin is absolutely gorgeous.

Normal penis


In the terms of male sexuality, I can't think of anything more good looking than a normal penis.

In the terms of male sexuality, I can’t think of anything more good looking than a normal complete penis.

Yes the veins do go all the way to the end.

Yes the veins do go all the way to the end.

It really should be my right to determine what happens to my penis, as it ought to be the right of all people to say what happens to their genitals, this is a matter of OWNERSHIP. You do not OWN your children parents out there. Maybe I could CHOOSE get a tattoo, or I could CHOOSE to get a piercing, but I think normal looking is good enough, for me, as my CHOICE.

The other curious thing, (well I think it’s curious), is that so much emphasis is place on penis size, which is in fact irrelevant when it comes to sexual pleasure. But testicular size is VERY important when it comes to EVERYTHING to do with puberty, maturity, full development, health and welfare. Yes mothers out there, if your sons balls aren’t big or getting big, take him to see a doctor. And if your male partners balls aren’t big, your children weren’t fathered by him. 😛 So as heterosexual American females are so concerned about their potential sons penis, before they’ve even had any sons, try to remember, big balls means big families, and tiny balls means there’s something wrong.

A testicle of a man with Klinefelter's syndrome.

A testicle of an XXY man with Klinefelter’s syndrome.