Detailing YEARS of abuse From Nicky and Gavan

31 August NZ time:

Read carefully the ramblings of Gavan Coleman (aka peaceandparty) and Nicky Chaleunphone on this video about Klinefelter’s syndrome. Nicky ONLY talks about me, and Gavan might have one or two paragraphs about the video itself, the rest are about me. They are both thugs.

WIS News 10 story

So this is the account, which is very interesting. A child born with ambiguous genitalia was surgically altered against his will to be female, soon after birth and his adoptive parents are suing the State in which is happened, action which I support.

However the article goes on to describe other DSD’s and implies they all can lead to difficulty in determining what sex a child is at birth, which is just plain nonsense. My comment was about that nonsense.

No shame being born XXY
No shame being born XXY
No shame being born XXY
I suspect these people at WIS News 10 have been influenced by Gavan ‘fucked in the head’ Coleman and/or Nicky the Bigot, to take their action against me, hence this post and this attached video. Gavan ‘fucked in the head’ Coleman is an outright liar. He is a paranoid, delusional, narcissistic, control freak, and for everybody but Nicky the Bigot, who get’s to know him, they hate him, he is just a nasty heap of shit person who does this sort of thing regularly to everybody who says to him “I hate you, fuck off!”

Alex Crespo

Then on Saturday I got this message on Facebook, and as you can see there is no message, not even part of one, so I was intrigued. When I clicked on the link I found all the messages were gone and the e-mail function wasn’t working either, I have been blocked. So why did these people want to tell me I’d been blocked for telling them what is in my video? Which sneaky little bastard has been going behind my back AGAIN making nasty comments about me? Causing other people to take action and not tell me about it? Gavan, don’t ever come to New Zealand, or I’ll be forced to send your miserable carcass home in a body bag! You are mad Gavan Coleman, and Mishakailana is BLOCKED, as is EVERYBODY he is associated with, fuck off Gavan Coleman and stay FUCKED OFF!


Both Nicky & Gavan “claim” to be ‘intersex’ even though they’re both male, through and through! It must be something in their mind, like Transsexual people who think they’re opposite to the sex they physically are? So these ‘pseudo-intersexers’ ought to pop up regularly in a search for anything to do with intersex, but do they? I certainly do have opinions about intersex, and I certainly am XXY, and eventually I pop up fairly regularly, but the ‘pseudo-intersexers’ are a vary rare breed.

As promised, orchestrated staking and harassment, to the present day, by Nicky K D Chaleunphone and Gavan Coleman, this history goes back 5 years!

Gavan in his fucked up little mind has decided to deliberately attack me anywhere he finds me, on YouTube, Vimeo, anywhere, make mean and nasty comments about me until I make videos of his outrageous comments, so that he can flag them and have them removed.

I went looking for some comments Gavan had made, but I can’t decide of the makers of that video where he comments saw my video and deleted their’s as a response, of if they just set it to private again. The first time they set it to private was to allow Gavan to pretend to Vimeo that he was being ‘defamed’ by me, of course you can’t defame someone if you’re quoting what he has said, except in Gavan’s fucked up little mind! So when he made his complaint about my reply to his outrageous comments the video in question was not available.

So I wonder what complaint he’s making at the moment, pretending to be a victim, because I laugh at him?

And this is the video which is subtitled “How to really hurt teenage boys treated for Klinefelter’s syndrome”

So I need a site that allows freedom of speech, without interruption, and I think WordPress will do it. So get ready to see excerpts of all the videos Gavan and Nicky have made about me since 2008. I’ll stop when they stop, and not before.

The next video will be proof that both Nicky and Gavan are doing their level best to have me thrown off the internet, as they are both thugs who are too weak to push anybody around on their own, and need the support of a great many other people, which is called BULLYING.

“Persons diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder are characterized by unwarranted feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behaviour. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy for others. These qualities are usually defenses against a deep feeling of inferiority and of being unloved.” So to say “I hate Gavan Coleman” to him will be like a death threat, or his ultimate insult.

Where I quote him he mentions ‘we’ frequently. He’s not just referring to his thug friend Nicky, but also to many other people he dragged in to help him bully me. I refuse to have that bastard anywhere near me, and block him every time he forces his way in. I don’t care about anything he cares about, which is ONLY himself. He has no empathy for anybody but himself.

Gavan loves to make replies to my videos, but hates me making replies to his. Gavan refers to anybody who replies to his videos with videos as ‘stalkers, bullies, trolls’ etc…. That’s Gavan’s mind, it doesn’t function properly. Gavan got very upset when I first made videos for YouTube as I use researched information, information he didn’t have, because he refuses to read. Gavan was upstaged. He invented arguments to have, claiming he was being told he can’t have his opinions. Of course he can have whatever opinion he likes, that his opinion turned out to be false, and obviously false even to him was a problem he couldn’t resolve, as he just doesn’t have the education.

What Gavan does have is a need to control what other people say and do. I’ll produce a video showing this, but what he does is project his bad feeling about himself to everybody else who share his karyotype. Gavan refuses to accept we are all individuals, he seriously believes when he is upset, then everybody who is XXY is also upset, to the same degree he is. Gavan doesn’t understand time. If Gavan is upset 10 years ago by something somebody said, he will be just as upset today, as he never can resolve any conflicts. He can’t just walk away, in fact he will hound everybody who says ‘fuck off’ to him. In his paranoid, delusional, narcissistic personality disordered mind, he can’t bare any form of rejection, even when it is totally due to his own bad behaviour.

Talking about education and what type of education my detractors have, let’s have a glimpse of Nicky K D Chaleunphone’s ‘logic.’ In the video above you can hear rather clearly how Nicky K D Chaleunphone believes it is ‘racist’ to disagree with him, because he is an Asian American.

Nicky closed his YouTube account where I got this video from, but luckily you can still find him on YouTube here.

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