Intersex Groups are Lying to YOU

First off intersex groups like to pretend the incidence rate of true intersex is 1:2000 live births. They do this by trickery and subterfuge. They imply that everybody born with a DSD, Disorder of Sex Development, or everybody born with an SCA, Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy, have ambiguity of genitalia. They all know full well this is not true, but truth does not matter to these people. As we see here for the Intersexions documentary advertisement, the producers believe the lies.


Hida Viloria claims to be intersex herself, although I believe her claim is dubious, as all she has ever reported is an extended clitoris, and only females have a clitoris so she must be female. In the world of biology there are only 2 sexes, and as she correctly states, males are the sex that make the small gametes and females are the sex that produce the large gametes. She doesn’t say it exactly like that, but that’s exactly what she means.

I think it would be very nice if these people in their odd little worlds can learn to tell the truth, their understanding what male and female sex is all about is basically made up. Anything is ‘intersex’ if that’s what they want it to be, and having normal male and female genitalia is intersex, if that’s what they want you to believe.

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